23 F&B Outlets Caught For Breaking Covid-19 Rules; One Had Hidden Beer In Teapot


I’m a little teapot short and stout.

Some peeps took the word, ‘stout’ to a whole new level and poured Guinness Stout into teapots, and served that to customers.

Okay, I’m kidding.

I don’t know if it was Guinness but the point remains, no alcohol beverages should be served or consumed after 10.30pm.


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Remember the hotpot restaurant which served alcohol in their teapots?

Despite how they were caught by the authorities anyway, another restaurant went ahead and did the same thing.


Let’s just say, it didn’t end well.

23 F&B Outlets Flouted Rules

After a round of enforcement checks by the government agencies, another restaurant at Orchard Road was found serving alcoholic drinks from metal teapots to 13 patrons after 11pm last weekend.

Image: Ministry of Sustainability and Environment

According to the press statement from Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE), investigations revealed that the teapots contained beer, and the bottles of beer sold by the restaurant were concealed at the bottom of the fridge storing drinks.

A total of 23 F&B retailers were also found to have breached the COVID-19’s Safe Management Measures (SMM) during these enforcement checks.

The checks were conducted on 12th and 13th September on 149 F&B outlets.

A majority of the breaches found belongs to the following two group:

  1. Groups of more than five seated together or intermingling between tables
  2. Serving and consumption of alcohol past 10.30pm
Image: Ministry of Sustainability and Environment

The stepped-up enforcement checks involved Enforcement Officers (EOs) from seven government agencies, including officers from the Singapore Police Force.

Multi-Agency Inspection Force

The other six government agencies include the National Parks Board, National Environment Agency, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore Food Agency, Singapore Tourism Board, and Singapore Land Authority.

Aside from these enforcement checks, the agencies also conduct routine inspections at other F&B outlets, such as coffee shops and hawker centres.

More than 3,000 inspections were done on F&B outlets over the last weekend.

Some Examples Of The F&B Outlets Flouting The Rules Include:

An F&B outlet at Chinatown accepting a booking of 10 patrons and seating them in two tables within a private dining room. When asked if the two groups knew each other, the outlet staff denied.

EOs visiting an F&B outlet at Orchard Road around midnight and heard loud conversations from the locked premises. After issuing verbal warnings to the operator to open the door, the EOs entered the place and found six patrons seated separately with no sign of drinks on their table.

However, the CCTV footage showed that these patrons had been drinking just before the EOs arrived. In addition, the footage also showed the patrons and owner clearing the glasses and hiding the alcohol bottle just before they allow the EOs in.

A group of 15 patrons seated across four tables for a pre-planned dinner event and were intermingling at an F&B outlet at Boat Quay area


An F&B outlet at Jurong East was found to have allowed eight customers to sit together at a long table within the premises

COVID-19 remains a serious threat

The MSE urges all Singaporeans to remain cautious as Covid-19 remains a serious threat.

As dining-out involves people gathering in enclosed spaces without masks on for a prolonged period of time, it is important that we adhere to all safety measures put in place.

Penalties for breach in Safe Management Measures

Since the start of Phase 2 where F&B outlets were allowed to resume operations, agencies have been typically issuing warnings to first time offenders who have flouted the SMM rules.

According to the Ministry of Health, from September 9 onwards, agencies will take enforcement actions even for the first offenders.


These actions will come in the form of a fine or closure of the premise, depending on the severity of the offence.

For example, if there are multiple breaches of SMMs in any one place, the agencies will require the premise to be closed and also surface the case to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for possible prosecution.

With stricter rules in place, here’s hoping that everyone will do their part to be socially responsible to keep the number of community cases down.

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