24-Hour Taxis From JB To S’pore For Just S$33 At New Taxi Stand Opposite JB City Square

Who doesn’t love a trip to JB?

Good food, cheap shopping, and cafe-hopping.

Unfortunately for us though, flying taxis aren’t a thing yet (though it might be soon), and commuting to JB can be frustrating.

Even if you can live with the jams, travelling on a bus means having a big sweaty group hug with fifty other strangers.

And forget about taking a train unless you’ve booked one 3 years in advance.

So, there you stand, with five shopping bags in each hand, an alarmingly full stomach, and tired legs, hoping you could just teleport home.

Well, I can’t teleport you home, but I might have a more convenient alternative for you.

24-Hour Taxis From Johor To S’pore At $33 Per Car

Yes, you read that right! There are now 24-hour taxis that will take passengers from Johor to Singapore.

These taxis operate at a stand located at KTMB Museum, just opposite JB Sentral.

Image: Google Maps

Now, you’re probably thinking, why don’t you just rent a car? Well, dear reader, that’s because I’m not Bill Gates. Renting cars to drive across the causeway can cost up to S$90, which makes a late-night supper at JB very costly indeed.

Thankfully, as one Johor-based taxi driver, Mr Amat, told MS News, these taxi rides from Johor to Singapore can be as low as RM100 (S$33) if you hail them at the stand.

Fares are higher and can go up to S$60 if you book the taxis separately in advance, or if the taxis are hailed at other areas of JB.

So where will you alight?

Mr Amat said that these taxi drivers from JB drop passengers travelling to Singapore off at Queen Street’s taxi stand near Bugis MRT.

Image: Google Maps

According to China Press, the 24-hour taxi service officially began operations on Tuesday (15 Oct).

Business has picked up steadily since then, with 13 trips made on the first day and 21 on the second.

30 available taxis daily

Speaking to China Press, one driver said that there’ll be around 30 taxis at the stand for passengers every day.

The man added that there are 200 taxis operating around JB city area, so if there’s ever a shortage at the taxi stand, they’ll call on their colleagues to help out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that there’s finally another, more comfortable transport option. There’s nothing worse than heading to JB for a late-night supper only to fret about the journey back home.

Say goodbye to long waiting times, packed bus rides, and un-bookable trains, because JB’s 24-hour taxis are here to save the day.


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