25 More Fairprice Outlets Bans Plastic Bags For One Year From 11 November

Unlike eating tide pods or condom snorting, saving the environment is always a wholesome trend.

Please never do those accursed internet challenges again.

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I remember back in September that several Mcdonald’s outlets did away with their plastic straws as a month-long trial.

FairPrice also jumped on this trend, charging 20 cents for plastic bags at seven outlets from 16 September to 16 October.

But FairPrice is taking it a step further once again.

Tripling Their Efforts

Slightly more than that actually, according to The Straits Times.

Starting from 11 November, 25 FairPrice outlets will be charging customers for plastic bags.

Just like the previous time, this initiative will go on for a year.

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Alright, that is way more outlets than I thought it would be.

A total of 12 FairPrice supermarkets, 5 Cheers stores, and 8 FairPrice Xpress stores.

It’s slightly cheaper at the Cheers stores, being charged 10 cents per bag compared to 20 cents at the others.

Convenience store? More like wallet convenient too.

Also, all money from plastic bag purchases will be donated to environmental and community causes.

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Still a good cause even if you forget (or are lazy) to recycle.

FairPrice hopes that this initiative would continue to get closer to its target of saving 30 million plastic bags each year by 2030.

You could say that would be a pretty…fair price to pay huh?

Reception By The Public

Amidst the general consensus that Singaporeans love to complain, it seemed the trial period was quite successful.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, the group chief executive of FairPrice Group, even confirmed this himself.

“We are heartened by the survey findings, which showed that the majority of customers are receptive towards a plastic bag charge.”

He goes on to say that many customers even brought their own bags to carry their items.

Out of the 1,745 customers surveyed, around 1,240 people supported the change.

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Extremely good start.

Those who did not agree with the initiative said that plastic bags were part of the expected store service and were also reused to line trash bins.

Guess you can’t totally blame people if it’s something they’re not used to yet.

I personally welcome this era of saving the environment and reusing plastic bags.

We’ve got enough trash in the ocean and everywhere else as it is. Doing just a little for the environment can go a really long way!