27YO Man Climbs On Parapet To Film 23YO Woman Showering & ‘Get A Better View’

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We are all fairly acquainted with the existence of relatively strange men who peep into bathroom stalls for the hell of it… Way too familiar with the concept.

Image: Giphy

To an extent, it’s unfortunate because it comes to show how frequent such instances have become.

Gone are the days when the only thing you feared was an Orang Minyak perched and lurking on the ceilings of your toilets.

Times have changed and a scene worthy of a mention on True Singapore Ghost Stories has become a smartphone peeking through your window.

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If you think that high-rise living would have made it impossible for peeping toms, you ought to give that a second thought. Nothing deters a man with a mission.

Hide your kids and hide your wives because we’ve got another case for the books.

Image: Tenor

27-year-old, Mohamed Noor Hakim Mohamed Jamal, was slapped with a nine-week jail term on Monday, 11 November 2019. The accused had committed three acts of voyeurism over the span of three years.

Image: Giphy

Had Climbed Onto Parapet For Better View

According to state court, Hakim was a Despatch rider at the time when he committed the acts.

The first case was revealed to have taken place on the evening of 29 August 2017. Hakim had been in the company of his nieces at a neighbourhood playground when he spotted lights reflecting through the toilet windows of a nearby HDB unit.

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Benedict Chan said that the suspect was suddenly struck with the urge to peep inside.

Image: Gfycat

Hakim succumbed to the demand of his urges and proceeded to climb onto the ledge of a parapet just outside of the toilet. He peeped inside but could only make out the view of a woman’s head and shoulders.


Wanting to get a better view, Hakim took his phone and recorded a video of the 23-year-old unsuspecting victim.

Soon after, out of fear of getting caught with the lewd recording, Hakim deleted it.

But he wasn’t about to get away scot-free. A neighbour had seen his attempts and alerted the police.

Caught Peeping into Victim’s Ninth-Floor Unit

A year later, Hakim was caught yet again for another Peeping Tom stunt. He was caught peeking inside the 22-year-old victim’s ninth-floor unit from a corridor.

On his first attempt, he managed to successfully flee from the scene. Four days later, the suspect returned but was caught by the victim’s CCTV camera.

Upon his arrest, Hakim admitted that he had peeped into the victim’s home several times.


Image: Giphy

Victim Spotted Hand and Phone Through Ajar Window

The third incident took place this year on 7 August. Hakim was cycling to his sister’s home when he spotted a familiar HDB unit. He had previously broken into the house in 2017 and knew that a girl lived inside.

A prosecutor said that Hakim parked his bicycle a few blocks away before sneaking towards the unit. He took note of the police cameras and avoided them.

Soon after when he reached the unit, he heard the sounds of somebody showering. Like what he did the first time, Hakim climbed onto a parapet, extended his hand through the opened window, and proceeded to film the 18-year-old victim.

Image: Giphy


The victim was quick enough to spot his hand. She screamed and he ran away.

Committed Offences to Satisfy Sexual Urges

According to the prosecution, Hakim had demonstrated persistence in his voyeuristic ways. For the multiple offences over the span of three years, the prosecutors asked for 11 weeks of jail.

It was also mentioned that Hakim had no history of psychiatric illnesses or disorders and that his urges were controllable.

Image: Gifer

For each count of the offence that Hakim had committed, he could have been sentenced to a year of jail, fined or both.


This goes out to all my girls out there. Ladies, please be mindful of your surroundings at all times!

Now, I’m just curious… Nine weeks worth of jail time for three counts of intruding a woman’s privacy? How much was this guy’s GPA?

Image: Know Your Meme

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