Another COVID-19 Cluster Emerged in a Bus Interchange; Total of 7 Bus Interchange Clusters Now

It appears that bus commuters are at more prominent risk right now.

Earlier at midnight, it was announced that there were two new COVID-19 clusters yesterday (29 August), with one connected to Boon Lay Bus Interchange staff and the other to a dormitory in Neythal Road.

With the inclusion of these two high-profile clusters, the total active cluster number, which entails bus interchanges, has grown to a fearsome…


Another COVID-19 Cluster Emerged in a Bus Interchange; Total of 7 Bus Interchange Clusters Now

The Boon Lay Interchange cluster is said to have had seven new cases yesterday. Its total tally currently stands at 15.

Apart from the Boon Lay Bus Interchange cluster, there were also confirmed clusters at the following sites:

  • Jurong East Bus Interchange
  • Clementi Bus Interchange
  • Punggol Bus Interchange
  • Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
  • Bishan Bus Interchange
  • Sengkang Bus Interchange

In total, 174 cases are linked to the bus interchange clusters.

Meanwhile, the Neythal Road dormitory cluster now has four cases. Apart from this new cluster, there were also confirmed dormitory clusters at the following locations:

  • Tuas South Lodge
  • North Coast Lodge
  • Westlite Juniper
  • Westlite Mandai
  • Homestay Lodge
  • 43 Sungei Kadut Loop

In total, there are 266 cases connected to the dormitory clusters.

124 New Locally Transmitted Cases

124 new locally transmitted cases were reported yesterday, 34 of whom are unlinked.

There were also nine imported cases.

Overall, the number of new cases has jumped from 240 in the week before to 634 in the past week.

Unlinked community cases have also grown from 86 in the week before to 152 in the past week.

Existing Clusters Grow

With over a hundred new local cases, several existing clusters were bound to grow as well.

The Bugis Junction cluster, the mall everyone’s avoiding now, had 21 more infections linked to it, bringing its total to 198.

In addition:

  • 17 cases were added to the Toa Payoh bus interchange staff cluster, which now has 51 cases.
  • Three were linked to the Punggol bus interchange staff, bringing its total to 25.
  • One more infection was linked to Selarang Halfway House, which now has 31 cases.
  • The North Coast Lodge cluster now has a total of 144 infections, with five more cases added to it yesterday.

414 Cases in Hospitals; 6 in ICU

At the moment, there are 414 cases currently warded in hospital, most of whom are well and under observation.

14 severe cases require oxygen supplementation, and six are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Most of these 20 patients are above the age of 60, and are either partially vaccinated or completely unvaccinated.

At the moment, 80% of the population is fully vaccinated, with 83% having received at least one dose.

Understand the importance of vaccination here:

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