2nd PMD Rider Died After Losing Control of E-Scooter in Tanah Merah Coast Road

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Before we delve into details, can we just say that kids, it is not cool to ride any kind of personal mobility device (PMD) or e-scooter while blasting music as you speed past pavements or roads?

If that sounds like you, sorry to break it to you but you’re probably facing an identity crisis.

You are a PMD. You are not a motorbike. Neither are you a car. You are also not a bulldozer. So don’t act like one.

Image: Meme Generator

Ok, back to the topic.

In an unfortunate event on Tuesday morning, 24 September 2019, it marked the second death of a PMD rider in Singapore.

Image: Google Maps

The PMD rider, a 30-year-old man, died in hospital in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, after he fell off his e-scooter in Tanah Merah Coast Road.

While this accident is currently under police investigation, preliminary investigations suggest that the rider lost control of his e-scooter.

Image: Tenor

According to SCDF, it received a call for assistance at 3.45am on Tuesday morning.

The man was taken to Changi General Hospital.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries, and was pronounced dead at 6.20am. The police was then alerted.

The rider’s former colleague told Shin Min Daily News that the rider had suffered serious spine injuries and multiple fractures from the fall.

Just so you know, e-scooters aren’t supposed to be on the road; only bicycles and e-bicycles are allowed.

Our condolences to the rider’s family and loved ones.


PMD & Accidents

A total of 228 accidents were reported, which involved PMDs on public paths in 2017 and 2018. Almost 85% of these incidents resulted in injuries.

The most recent accident took the life of Mdm Ong Bee Eng on Wednesday (25 September), after a PMD collided into her last Saturday.

These cases have since sparked public concern on the need for better legislature and regulation in place for PMD riders.

As of Saturday, 28 September, 10.30am, an online petition on Change.org has received over 55,950 signatures calling for the ban on PMDs.

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel has also issued recommendations to the Ministry of Transport, promoting a safer environment for everyone – all human beings and PMD riders alike. This includes a minimum age for riding a PMD.

Until Then, You’re Not Safe

To the rest of us, here’s a PSA. As of now, there are more than 90,000 e-scooters registered (it is mandatory to follow law by law and register your scooter btw).


Image: Giphy

Ninety thousand. That puts all of us in danger when we’re on the streets.

Don’t keep your eyes on your phone even when you think you’re safe on the pavement. Be alert and look out for those with identity crises zooming around like they are cars!

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