10 secrets to baby-smooth skin people with good skin never tell you

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Do you want baby smooth skin? Stupid question, I know. Who doesn’t want that, right? Even men today are going for facial because they finally understood that having pockmarked skin doesn’t show that you’re manly, just unattractive.

And when you want something, you will notice how some selected lucky individuals in Singapore has them. And we don’t mean pouring on the makeup to cover imperfections, but really, really good skin. You know what they say, right?

If you want to be successful, copy what the successful person do. If you want good skin, copy whatever you can from people with amazing skin. Here are 10 secrets about people with baby smooth skin you probably didn’t know.

They don’t put in any effort at all
It’s in the genes… Oh, the life of such blessed people.

They don’t go out under the sun
I’ve known a few people who avoid the sun like the plague. To them, the sun exposure will damage their skin and cause them to eventually fade to ashes.

And even if they do, they’ve got SPF on them
Lots of sunscreens, sunblock, whatever. It’s their weapon against the cruelty of the world, really. And you don’t even bother to moisturise.

They don’t use many products
Surprising much? Less really is more on many occasions. I’ve met people who have really good skin but only use a soap bar to cleanse their face.

They really watch what they eat
They may not care about calories but they do avoid food that may cause breakouts or bumps. Organic food, greens and plain water – that’s the way to go.

They consult a dermatologist
Well, it’s not very easy to have healthy skin with Singapore’s horrible weather. So of course, you’d have to turn to a dermatologist. Not everyone with good skin will tell you that because it’ll just make you less envious!

They have a routine
To many of us, using a facial cleanser and moisturising soap is good enough. But for those with good skin, they not only cleanse and moisturise, they also exfoliate their skin on a regular basis.

They have a humidifier in their room
Humidifiers aren’t just for hazy days. They’re for everyday use. Good skin requires good environments. If your surrounding air is not clean, it’s not likely you’ll have good skin.

They sleep before 11pm no matter what
Sleep affects lots of things, including the health of your skin. Of course, these people won’t tell you because they don’t want to think they don’t have a social life at night.

So, it does take some kind of effort actually.
Of course. Genes may be genes. But even then, the good skin doesn’t always stay on its own. You definitely need to cleanse your skin and body to get a healthy, glowing complexion.

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