3 Shiba Inu Doggos Up For Adoption At At Turf Club Road Adoption Drive On 16 Nov

Image: Facebook (Voices For Animals)

Dogs. What can we say about these lovable balls of fur?

Image: Shutterstock.com/Orientgold

They eat our shoes and poop in our living rooms, but they also shower us with the kind of unconditional love we wish other humans showed us.

Image: YouTube (funnyplox)

If these cute doggos are making you melt and crave the affection of one, I have some good news for you.

3 Shiba Inu Doggos Up For Adoption At At Turf Club Road Adoption Drive On 16 Nov

Voices For Animals, an animal welfare group, announced an upcoming adoption drive on Nov 16 that will have three cute Shiba Inu dogs.

Here are the three dogs, in case you can’t see them:

Image: Facebook (Voices For Animals)

The first two look very eager to join a new home, while the third one on the right looks like it was just about to drop a huge dump on the table and was caught red-handed when the picture was taken.

Aren’t they adorable, though?

Image: Facebook (Voices For Animals)
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Image: Facebook (Voices For Animals)

The adoptive drive will be held at Sunny Heights Open Field on Saturday (16 Nov) from 1pm to 4pm.

Dog details

The three dogs are all at least 5 years old. They are cheery canines who love mingling with other pups.

However, as the post says, these dogs may not be suitable for owners with young children because they can be “skittish” and will need to be handled slowly and carefully because they might be traumatised or have issues in the future otherwise.

Not HDB approved

Unfortunately, Shiba Inus are not an HDB-approved breed.

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Speaking of which, why are certain breeds not allowed in HDB flats? Well, according to a statement from the Ministry Of National Development, these rules are in place to “preserve a pleasant living environment and good neighbourly relations”.

My flat would be more pleasant with a Shiba Inu, to be honest.

They added: “We need to strike a balance between residents who are pet lovers and those who may have concerns about the keeping of pets in HDB flats. ”

Oh. Well, that seems fair.


According to the post, these dogs are Harry Houdinis in canine form, so VFA’s ideal adopters would be families with prior experience with this breed.

For those who are interested, VFA requires all members of the household – including the helpers – to be present during the interview and screening. The interview will be voided if even one family member is absent.

And for the lazy adopters, FaceTime interviews or video calls will not be entertained.

So, if you’re interested and feel like you’d be responsible pet owners, head down to the Sunny Heights open field this Saturday (Nov 16)!

  • Address: 110 Turf Club Road S288000
  • Date: 16 Nov 2019, Saturday
  • Time: 1pm-5pm
  • Nearest MRT: Sixth Ave Station