31YO Woman Throws 50-Inch TV From 10th-Storey Unit At Pasir Ris Condo; Child Taken To Hospital

You were strolling on a fine day, just walking through your condominium premises, which you might or might not have bought a unit for $1.5 million.

Ah, what a good day for a walk!

Or not.

Instead of sunshine, what you get is rain and getting wet. It wasn’t raining cats and dogs, but you reluctantly moved into the shelter as you aren’t taking chances because it might turn worse.

As you look into the skies, thinking of what a relaxing stroll it could have been, you see a 50-inch TV dropping among the rain.

This IS my lucky day! The heavens hath granted thyself a free 50-inch TV! Quick! Grab it!

-No wait! What am I thinking about! That’s about 17 kg to 25kg worth of death!

Image: Crunchyroll

And in case you think this is a made-up scenario, the 50-inch TV actually did fall from the sky in a condominium at Pasir Ris.

Family Was Having Barbeque & TV Falls From The Sky

On 28 Oct 2019, about 3pm, a family was preparing for a barbecue.

And then suddenly BANG and a television on the ground.

As Frank (not his real name), 34, told Shin Min Daily News, “A TV about 50 inch dropped on the first-floor walkway, the fragments even flew into the balcony of the second floor. It’s hard to believe that anybody will just throw down a TV.”

No, that isn’t a weird translation of anything. The fragments (I’m assuming this means parts of the broken TV) went to the second floor.

Image: Giphy

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like anybody was hurt from the TV dropping.

“Fortunately, at that time nobody was walking by. Later a woman wanted to walk by, but I stopped her. She saw the TV and got a shock, then decided to walk another path.”

The area was later cordoned off.

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You might be wondering what kind of scenario led to a 50-inch TV randomly falling from the sky?

Unless you’re some kind of weirdo who clicks on articles before reading the headlines, you already know the answer, of course.

Said To Be From a 31 YO Single Mother With Relationship Problems

Frank also happened to hear a very loud child’s crying from above.

Investigations revealed that it seemed to have fallen from a unit on the 10th floor, where a single mother and her 2-year-old toddler lived. They had moved in here about a year ago.

It is said that the single mother seemed to have relationship problems.

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Which is, uh, kind of obvious.

Image: Giphy

In an alternate reality, it’s totally a perfectly normal choice to be single and taking care of a child alone and then throw down a TV just because it amuses people.


But not our universe.

The SCDF says the child was taken to KK Women’s and Children Hospital that day.

Meanwhile, the police said a 31-year-old woman was arrested for a case of rash act as well as a drug-related offence.

Investigations are still ongoing, so there’s really not much else we know as of now. Here’s to hoping everything will turn for the better for the lady and the child.


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