38-YO Woman Pays $1million to Marry 23-YO Man

Remember, age is just a number. Do not let that affect the deep, trigonometric equation between you guys that’s otherwise known as love. – Wise Old Man

And I gotta say; I agree. Kinda anyway.

See, a 33-year-old man hooking up with a 21-year-old woman might not be something your mum will applaud and laud over, but it’s still something she might tolerate, albeit barely. Switch the 21-year-old woman with an 11-year-old girl, however, and hell’s bells, you’re getting way more than just a slap on the butt cheek, young man.

So yeah, as long as the equation doesn’t violate any underage or moral factors, I don’t see why it can’t balance out.

But here’s the thing; you can apparently add in a bit of leeway to balance the equation. And no, it’s not through the typical k-drama love, love and more love formula. That doesn’t work in real life.

Rather, it’s through a little something nobody can live without in this materialistic world.

It’s known as… cold hard cash.

After a proposed union with her 23-year-old boyfriend was disapproved of by the latter’s parents, a 38-year-old woman reportedly paid them a whopping 5 million Yuan (approx. SGD 1 million) to get their approval and blessings. And guess what?

Image: China Press


It worked.

What exactly happened?

According to China Press, the wedding took place in Hainan province, China.

Originally, the groom’s father and mother, who are 41 and 39 years old respectively, didn’t support the wedding because of the obvious age gap reason. In fact, the bride’s just one year younger than the groom’s mum.

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I suppose it would be kind of weird to hear someone just one year younger than you calling you Mum, huh?

But that was when the millionaire bride pulled out her trump card. And no, it’s not a card with Trump on it.

Rather, she reportedly paid the parents 5 million Yuan (approx. SGD 1 million) out of her own pocket.

Image: Imgflip
Image: Imgflip

And so… the wedding went on without a hitch on the auspicious day. The middle-aged bride wore a beautiful gown with lots of jewelry, while the young man had a tuxedo going on.

Seated together in a sports car, they certainly look happy enough.

Image: Sina
Image: Sina

To the average bystander, it might seem like your typical love story. Boy meets girl, falls in love, realises there’s an obstacle between them, clears it through pure love (which in this case is pure money) and ends up living happily ever after.

But to the insiders, they would know that there’s actually another reason behind their marriage.

According to Sina, a netizen who claims to personally know the groom said that the bride was actually the groom’s sugar mummy before they go hitched.

Initially just “fooling around”, they ended up fooling around just a bit too much, and the bride ended up pregnant.

Thereafter, they had no other alternative but to get engaged, but only after the bride allegedly gave the groom’s parents a lump sum of money and a few houses.

Image: Imgflip
Image: Imgflip

The Netizen then added that the bride was a single mother with a 14-year-old son. Which makes the groom just nine years older than his own stepson.

Well, that’ll be an interesting father-son relationship. #justsaying

So what are you waiting for?

To the lonely, desperate and broke guys who happen to be really filial, you know what to do.

Image: Imgflip

Gold-diggers, unite!

Nevertheless, all jokes aside, we wish the couple a happy journey ahead, irregardless of circumstances!

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Featured image: China Press / Sina