3rd Baby to be Born in Grab Car in a Year: Parents to get $8,000 Grab Voucher

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Do you want some free Grab vouchers? Because if you do, it’s actually pretty easy. Just get a wife/husband, get a room, give birth in a GrabCar, and handsome Grab vouchers are sure to be yours. – Baddy Feed spokesperson

Now, we might not be particularly supportive of Baddy Feed, seeing how they technically leech off our web for their own profits, but the dude has a point here. Giving birth in a GrabCar does seem to have its benefits.

Doubt it? Just check this out.

Just last month, a baby was born during a GrabCar ride in Singapore. And thereafter, the family was actually presented with a Grab voucher worth S$8,000, and a special Grab onesie for the baby.

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Indeed, life works in mysterious ways nowadays. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some important stuff to attend to.

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Midwife On Wheels

Mr Shawn Yeo made a JustGrab booking to Gleneagles Hospital on 7 July 2018, 11:00 a.m., when his wife, Ida Nee, started experiencing contractions on Saturday morning. But before arriving at the hospital, the expectant mother delivered her baby in the GrabCar — with the help and advice from Grab driver Mr Yeong, who then became a midwife on wheels.

“Ida experienced contractions at around 9.30 a.m., and since our first baby’s labour process took almost 4 hours, we thought we had some time to head to the hospital. We even wanted to wait for my father-in-law to come home so that he could take us to the hospital,” said Shawn.

“However, Ida’s contractions intensified and we knew we had to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Barely a few minutes within the car ride, her water bag broke. Armed with just a towel, we had to make do with whatever we had but thankfully, we were able to deliver the baby within the 20 minutes journey.”

When they arrived at the hospital, there was a long line of vehicles at the drop-off point and Shawn immediately hopped off the car first to get help. A team of almost 10 hospital staff came out to assist with Ida and the newborn, and took over the situation.

“I was definitely nervous when I noticed that Mdm Nee was in labour, but there was no way I could turn them down when I knew that they had to be in the hospital immediately. Mdm Nee was screaming throughout the entire journey but I did my best to stay calm.

Midwife On Wheels: Aftermath

Thankfully, both the mother and baby are safe. “It’s not every day that you can say you helped deliver a baby – this is a ride that I will never forget,” said Mr Yeong.

“We are very grateful for Mr Yeong’s support during the tricky situation and for being so understanding even though we made a mess in his car. We compensated him for the cleaning fees incurred and of course, gave him a 5-star rating as well,” Shawn added.

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And to celebrate the baby turning a month old, Grab organised a reunion for the passengers and driver at its office in Midview City on 7 August.

Andrew Chan, Head of Transport, Grab Singapore presented Mr Shawn Yeo and Mdm Ida Nee with a Grab voucher worth S$8,000, and a special Grab onesie for baby Isaiah. Mr Yeong was also awarded with fuel vouchers worth S$800.

“We are glad to hear about the safe arrival of baby Isaiah, and cannot be happier to be part of this meaningful journey! Kudos to our driver-partner, Mr Yeong, who was of such great help to the family,” said Andrew Chan, Head of Transport, Grab Singapore.

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Incidentally, Isaiah is Singapore’s third GrabBaby (to add on: in a year!), after the first and second were born on 12 August 2017 and 21 November 2017 respectively.


Seeing how Grab has services for pretty much everything (taxis, food, etc. etc.), I reckon they could actually branch out to child delivery services as well, with drivers being secret midwives who’ll always keep a look out for you.

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Alright, all jokes aside, I’m glad that the mother and baby got through that ordeal safe and sound, and I respect the driver for helping out even though that’s probably not his area of expertise.

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A Baby Was Once Born in a Plane and He Grew Up to be the Cabin Crew of the Airline

Giving birth in weird locations, like in a kopitiam or in the zoo, isn’s exactly that uncommon, but giving birth in a plane and becoming its flight attendant in the same airline is.

28 years ago, this happened and well, he literally get free flights for the rest of his life now since he’s working for the firm.

So you’ve got to wonder if Shawn’s kid would grow up to work for Grab #justsaying