4 Best-est Hacks To Take IG Photos That’ll Make You An Influencer Within 3 Months

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The enticement of life as an influencer is so irresistible.

Think about it — free products, sponsors, sometimes even a manager if you’re popular enough.

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Too bad it is also a thorny path to walk down. For starters, how do we even begin? Unless we coincidentally happen to have 1,000 friends, the dream life is pretty much impossible.

For some desperate (and rich) enough, we can even come across paid advertisements about their Instagram page.

It’s so unlike our Instagram Page, which has a measly number of followers. So if you’re kind, handsome, pretty, brave, good-looking, special, nice enough, you might want to follow us here. We promise we won’t post images of BuffLord95 eating cai png.

Anyway, moving on.

Let’s think about some of the requirements to be an influencer.

First and definitely foremost — aesthetic photos. Of yourself, mostly. We should have to fulfil the most rudimentary requirement before being able to advertise ourselves.

Even if we think that we take good photos, is it truly influencer-worthy?

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If the answer is no (which it should be, or you wouldn’t be here trying to be an influencer), let two boys show you the way via a Facebook video, and it has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Although the tips are directed towards boys (I wonder why), there are certain handy tips that girls should take note of too!

1. Panorama Vertically

If we’re Singaporeans, then we are definitely not tall enough — unless you are the extremely small minority of giants in this country of Asians. Otherwise, the daily struggle of trying to look tall in photos is absolutely agonising.

How exactly do we delude ourselves and others if we don’t have the Grim Reaper’s convenient ability?

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Simple — panorama does the trick. In fact, you can reuse this trick for towering buildings as well; it makes a perfect Christmas tree photo.

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The verdict? It works like wonder.

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2. Put One Leg Forward

Alternatively, another sneaky way is to put your leg forward — it is important to do it naturally — and tilt the camera at a 30-degree angle.

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Insta(nt) height.

You may want to carry along a protractor if you really want to get down to business.

3. Night Shots

What about all those infuriating night shots? Influencers look so good taking them, but our own rookie photos are ruined by the throng of people and noise in the photo.

The trick behind those photos is not a DSLR camera (or maybe it is). Do this on phones by enabling the live mode and choosing the option for long exposure.

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After a few (who are we kidding) touches, the resulting photo surprisingly looks more atas than the effort it took to take it.

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The verdict? Slightly difficult; the photo of the sky can’t possibly be real. Its skill is certainly to be acknowledged if it weren’t for the fact that we can only do this on the iPhone. Where is equality? Surely Android users can’t keep depending on iPhone users.

4. Portraits

Poses can make or destroy a perfectly taken picture of the surroundings — after all, we must be as breathtaking as the surroundings.

The classic poses go without saying — hand in hair, hand covering the face, the face looking away from camera. Just make sure to know which is your photogenic side! Perhaps looking at the mirror and practising the exact angle won’t hurt, if you’re shameless enough.

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If you do it properly and have a reliable friend, the result should be something like this.

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And this.

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The verdict? Impossible — unless God decided to pour an overdose of beauty when creating you.

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I guess I forgot step zero in the Guide to Being An Influencer — got to look good.

But hey, if you don’t look good, you can do this too.

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As depressing as the dream of being an influencer may look now, we can always count on makeup, fashion, and filters to back us up. So go all out on Instagram and look good!

You can watch the full video here.


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