4 Well-Known Pulau Tekong Ghost Stories That’ll Keep Recruits Well-Behaved

Last Updated on 2021-12-25 , 12:39 pm

Most of us have this experience: we’ve all been through the army, heard many stories but none of us has encountered these. And usually, you’ll realize the same stories are circulated again and again.

We’ve listed down the top four Singapore army ghost stories—and seeing how True Story Ghost Stories have at least 20 volumes now, we know everyone is dying to read this, too.

Just note that as different people tell different stories, the context might be a little different but the idea is the same.

The occupied toilet cubicle with no person in it

There is no reference on where this story took place, but rumours have it that it’s in Pegasus company level 4, whereby there’s altar (anyone can validate that?). Apparently, someone once went to the toilet in the middle of the night alone. He saw that one of the cubicle doors is closed and decided to play a prank.

He tossed wet toilet paper into the cubicle, and when there was no response, he peeked through the opening below the door and saw no feet next to the toilet bowl. Then the cubicle flushed, the door opened and there was no one—just wet toilet paper.

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White figure at Jacob’s Ladder

According to some people (and sergeant who just want to scare recruits), there will be a white figure either beside a certain Jacob’s Ladder or on top of it. The figure in long hair, according to people who have seen it, would be crying. Up till today, we’ve not heard the backstory of the white figure, and no, we don’t intend to know.

Tekong three-door bunk

Undoubtedly one of the most told tales in the history of Singapore, people have been using this story to scare new recruits before they enlist. There are several version of it, but this is the one that is told most often.

In Charlie Company (these were the names of companies in Tekong then), during training on Thursday night, a soldier went missing. Finally, they found him hung on a tree, with his organs positioned in near the tree in a “stand-by-bed” manner. Soon after, the recruits in that company started to have headaches and sightings of the dead soldier. A medium was consulted, and he proposed creating a “third door” for the dead soldier’s spirit to leave the bunk.

A wall was knocked down for the door, and the trapped spirit left the bunk through it. The bunk is no longer there, and every month, a new recruit is still asking his OC why there is no training during Thursday nights.

The grandma and her grandson

In company  C or D (Charlie? AGAIN?!), when recruits can’t sleep in the middle of the night, a grandma and her grandson would be walking around the bunk. The grandson is usually bouncing a basketball and is looking for a kaki.

If a recruit sees them, the grandson would want the recruit play with him while the grandma scolds the grandson. The more extreme version of this story is that if a recruit sees them, his body will be hang somewhere in the jungle, while the funny version is that some recruits are so obsessed with this that they’ve hit sergeants who merely came up to inspect them (they mistook the sergeant as the boy).

Now, since you’re such a brave soul, we dare you to watch this video to the end without screaming (yes, it’s a Singapore ghost story):

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