44YO Thai Man Horrified After Pulling Out Live & Moving Tapeworm Out of His Anus

Okay, you probably should have expected it since you clicked on a headline with “anus” and “tapeworm”, but the rest of the article is Not Safe For Life. Or maybe it’s safe for life, because you’ll get paranoid and do a medical checkup in fear getting tapeworms stuck inside you.

Either way, say your prayers, bleach your eyes, and hide your children because it’s going to get gruesome.

Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, a freelance photographer from Udon Thani in northeastern Thailand just dropped his kid off at school and went to poop.

Except when he did the big business on this day…

The Poop Didn’t End

As he told Khaosod (and translated by DailyMail), “I had just finished dropping my child off at school and ran some errands when I had to go [for a] number two. Afterwards, I felt like I wasn’t finished defecating, like something was left.”

He had his appendix removed the previous week, and thought it was a piece of string remaining from the surgery.

Instead, what he got is this:

Image: Khaosod

What you’re seeing is a tapeworm that is 32 feet long, which means that’s 64 Subway 6 inches there. (I’m not sorry for ruining your Subway lunch plans today.)

What I’m seeing is a photographer so committed to his craft that instead of contemplating life decisions and thinking “shit, I’m going to die aren’t I” after pooping out something that looks like his own intestine, he decided that the first thing to do is to take a camera.

Here’s another pic he took with another camera:

Image: Khaosod

Oh Yeah, It’s Alive

And because we’re terrible to our readers, here’s the tapeworm slithering and moving.

Image: Khaosod

Mr Ratprachoom doesn’t know how the worm got inside of him and flushed the worm down the toilet later.

Tapeworms most commonly get into people’s bodies when they eat or drink something infected with a worm or its eggs. These parasites then feed off the food being digested in the intestines.

We’re Not Done Yet. Here’s More Nightmare Fuel.

And you thought a tapeworm is just a tapeworm.

No, this is actually what tapeworm faces looks like, captured in a microscopic image contest Nikon Small World.

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Image: Nikon Small World

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH get that thing away from me.

Image: Giphy

That’s right, if you have a tapeworm, you basically have Satan mooching off your body.

You’d probably also like to know that it is possible to die from tapeworm cancer-ception.

You heard me right. A Columbian man got cancer that spread from a tapeworm in his body that first got the cancer.

One more fun fact: the article also mentions that the most common tapeworm H. nana is said to be infecting up to 75 million people worldwide at any given time.

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