5 Instant Meals You Can Find in 7-Eleven That Makes You Want to Eat There Every Day

We all know 7-11 as the super atas version of Mama shops. So pricey and not worth it. But what makes them especially different is the fact that no matter how late, they are the to-go place for instant meals, especially if you get hungry super late at night. Check out these instant meals!

Chicken Ham with Shiitake Mushroom Wholemeal Sandwich
Forget the ordinary egg sandwiches. The sandwiches in 7-11 have become more atas now. For $3.50, you can get to enjoy a healthier and “luxurious” sandwich. After all, whoever heard of shiitake mushrooms in sandwiches?

Honey Mustard Roast Chicken Wholemeal Sandwich
Doesn’t the name already make you drool? Similar to the sandwich above, it sure sounds better than any other normal tuna or ham sandwich that 7-Eleven already has for a long time. We sure hope that 7-Eleven will come up with more atas sandwiches for us to dig into.

CP Shrimp Burger
For those of you who may miss Wendy’s shrimp burger, you might want to give this a try instead. Not only does it look appetising, it costs only a mere $3! Cheaper than your McDonalds. After all, CP is quite known for their quality food.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal
A perfect meal for the vegan or calorie-conscious who is also too lazy to prepare her own meals. It comes in flavours such as Apples and Cranberries, with only 190 calories and costs less than $2. How awesome is that?

My Kuali Red Tom Yum Goong
Sick and tired of all the tom yum instant noodles that taste nothing like the delicious soup? Try this one and you might just love it. The $2.40 cup noodles come with aromatic paste for a more authentic taste!

Hanjuku Eggs
Ok, this isn’t exactly a meal, but 7-11 sells instant eggs that you can buy to add in your instant noodles!!! If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is. Plus, this isn’t just any normal egg. They’re Japanese soft-boiled eggs!

Top Image: insideretail.asia

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