5 budget shopping places in S’pore that you probably aren’t aware of


Last Updated on 2017-07-18 , 8:36 am

Are you a serious shopper? No, then are you a budget shopper? Shopping with a budget is pretty common among students, or people who are frugal.

However, look no further and don’t despair, as Goody Feed presents you the top 5 budget shopping places to save your wallet and help you look good too.


Image: myqueenstown.blogspot.sg

First to be a collective centre of outlet stores, Anchorpoint provides you with brands like Cotton On and Billabong at outlet prices. They sell past-season products and clothes, for up to 20% – 70% discount!

So why not head to Alexandra Road and go shopping there! It’ll save your wallet from a huge hole, and plus, Ikea is just nearby and you can get those $1 hotdogs too.

Granted, clothes here aren’t the cheapest, but deals are the best with all the discounts.

Lucky Plaza

Image: BudgetHotels.sg

Sure, Lucky Plaza gets a tad crowded on Saturday and Sundays. Despite being a congregating place for our Filipino friends, Lucky Plaza is actually a heartland mall teeming with many, many stores! There are many cheap jewellery stores, watch stores, and accessory stores. Of course, they sell clothes too.

These products are downright CHEAP and AFFORDABLE. Situated near Orchard Road, you can head to Orchard Road for some high-end shopping too. Furthermore, you can also bargain with the sellers there! Go unleash your kiasuness!

Just remember to be a typical Singaporean and double-check on the prices; some stores might just “carrot chop” you. Over there, either you buy very cheap stuff or you buy very expensive stuff. Be the latter.

Bugis Street

Image: singapore-guide.com

Singapore’s biggest street shopping area is none other than Bugis Street, the familiar haunt of teenagers seeking cheap fashion. Imagine a pasar malam, but better and bigger.

There are more than 100 shops, and with more than a few levels, one can easily get lost there. However, if you hate crowds, avoid this place – it can get really crowded during school holidays!


And here’s why it can be cheap: you need to bargain. Do it well and you’ll get items that are so cheap, they might even be cheaper than online stores!

Far East Plaza

Image: guidegecko.com

Far East Plaza is a cheap alternative to Orchard Road. Just situated next to high end malls in orchard, one can get clothes on a tight budget. Imagine Far East Plaza to be a shopping centre of stores similar to Bugis Street.

And the same rule applies: bargain, bargain and bargain. The people attending to you are usually the bosses, so once you’ve built your relationship well, your wallet will thank you.

Mustafa Centre

Image: TripAdvisor

Mustafa Centre is the only 24-hour mall in Singapore. There are simply TOO MANY things to list here. You can buy products ranging from jewellery, gold, electronics, and clothes. This means you can shop for 24 hours NON-STOP!

Located within a walking distance from the Farrer Park MRT station on the North-East line, its convenience serves as a prime location for all shoppers.

Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube video about the ten best shopping malls in Singapore? 😉

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