5 Scariest Pokémon GO Encounters Documented Online So Far


With many pitstops, gyms and lurking Pokemon located at all kinds of locations in the world when the game launched, determined self-confessed Pokemon Masters are willing to travel to every part of their country to hunt.

Thinking that nothing could stop them from having the Pokemon captured on their phone, it seems otherwise when these creepy encounters happened to them. Here are 5 of the creepiest Pokemon GO experiences players have encountered so far.

Robbing Players

Image: buzzfeed.com

While we wish that there would be no malicious intentions, we hate to say that there are bound to be people who would turn an innocent game into something dangerous.

After the game was launched and people started to hunt via the geolocation feature, a group of teenagers decided that it would be fun to lay lures at isolated locations, robbing players using a firearm and threatening them for personal belongings.

They have since been arrested and charged but it’s sad to see them turning a simple game into a terrible situation. They probably left their victims scarred emotionally and afraid to continue the game any longer as well.

Discovering A Dead Body

Shayla Wiggins
Image: digital.asiaone.com

An innocent 19-year-old teenager, Shayla Wiggins that was merely on her way to visit her mum for the summer turns out to help discover a dead body in the waters.

Being the adventurous teen that she is, she decided to jump over a fence and was walking towards a bridge, trying to hunt for any nearby Pokemon while on the journey when she discovered something looking like a body.


Horrified, she immediately dialled for the police and after investigations, they closed the case as an accidental death by possible drowning. This is certainly more than what she bargained for.

Catching A Murder Suspect

Catching Suspect
Image: abc7.com

Took place in California, a student and his roommate who were former Marines were playing the game like other fanatics when they noticed a suspicious looking man approaching and scaring a mum and her 3 children. They were heading towards their car after they had stopped to visit PokeStops at the park.

The man appeared odd and fidgety, and looking suspicious, the roommates walked towards the man. After being questioned by the roommates, it was not long before he walked away and approached another mum and her children. Things turned serious after the roommates saw the man touching one of the children’s chest, shoulders and moving his hand up the leg.

The pair kept a calm head and did not let things escalate by splitting up and one escorting the man away and one staying with the two mothers and their children before they called for help from the police. The man who was on the loose and suspected for attempted murder was charged as a child annoyance. Thanks to the roommates who were quick on their feet, the man was prevented from any further plans that he had when approaching the mother and her children.


Getting Dumped For Cheating

Evan Scriber
Image: dailymail.co.uk

While many fanatics appreciate the geo-location feature, one man didn’t. Overnight, he turned from a regularly attached man going about his life with Pokemon GO into a single man who got dumped and exposed over the Internet.

Evan Scriber decided to bite more than he can chew when he decided to give his ex-girlfriend a visit he thought nobody would find out. However, he shot himself in the foot, metaphorically, when he decided to catch some Pokemon at her house.

A scandal that he thought was silent got exposed when his current girlfriend, was checking out the Pokemon he’d collected and notice the geo location where it was caught.

He said that she hasn’t contacted him since. Let’s just hope that his one moment of pleasure and Pokemon caught was worth it.

Plummeting Off A Cliff

Fall Off
Image: epictimes.com

One of the most dangerous outcomes derived from playing Pokemon GO has got to be this pair of men in Los Angeles. The two men suffered moderate injuries after falling off a seaside cliff despite several warning signs, disallowing them to cross the line towards where they fell.

They were said to tumble off the edge of the cliff after climbing over a fence towards the area.

Fortunately, there was no fatality though one of the men fell 50 feet off and his friend fell about 80 to 90 feet landing on the beach. The fire department had to rescue them with rope and harnesses.

These players sure had a different player experience from the usual fanatics of popular augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. We’re not saying you can’t play, but please be careful and remember the thin line between the virtual world and reality.

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com.

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