5 other dramas written by the same writer of Descendants of the Sun


Last Updated on 2016-06-01 , 10:04 pm

Medics? Disaster areas? Pretty female lead? AND OF COURSE, THE OH-SO-CUTE SONG JOONGKI?? When we watch idol dramas, we often only focus on the protagonists and their looks and fame (in this case, of course Joong Ki and Joong Ki only), but one must remember the arresting story plot must have been a brilliant brainchild of some underappreciated screenwriter.

As snippets of Descendants of the Sun goes viral (probably because of Joong Ki’s flirtatious advances), let’s explore a little of the woman behind the Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is written by Kim Eun-sook, a South Korean screenwriter born in 1973. Under her belt are 5 other popular Korean dramas: Lovers in Paris (2004), On Air (2008), Secret Garden (2010), A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012), and The Heirs (2013).

For those who haven’t watched these yet, take this opportunity to plunge yourself further into the prevailing Korean drama fad.

Lovers in Paris
Lovers in Paris in 2004 starred Kim Jung-eun, Park Shin-yang and Lee Dong-gun, and the drama is about the chairman of GD Motors (Gi Ju) working in Paris, who is recently divorced. A love triangle unfolds, involving Gi Ju, his nephew and the girl, Tae Young. As the family secret involving Gi-Ju’s and nephew  is disclosed, the relationship between Tae-Young and Gi-Ju is in crisis.

On Air
On Air is a 2008 television series, starring popular stars like Kim Ha-neul, Park Yong-ha, Lee Beom-soo and Song Yun-ah. What is interesting about this drama is how it is about the filming of a drama, revealing details about behind the scenes in TV drama production – the actors in this dramas are “acting” actors. Confusing? Go watch it! On Air, other than its drama shows how the production team and actors complete a project in a given time frame. Furthermore, just as in reality, it shows how actors and actresses deal with rumours.

Secret Garden
Secret Garden, starring Ha Ji-won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Kim Sa-rang is a fantasy drama about the Cinderella story of a stunt woman and a CEO of a departmental store. Throw in a singer with a funky name like Oska, and a female director and the drama unfolds. The four become tangled in a love square that becomes more confusing when “Cinderella” and “Prince Charming” begin switching bodies.

A Gentleman’s Dignity
A Gentleman’s Dignity is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Min-jong, Kim Su-ro, and Lee Jong-hyuk. The stories centres around 4 men’s career and love lives, and they are urban professionals, therefore resulting in the title, “Gentlemen”. The story also follows the 4 men from 18 years old to 40, and their love life, successes and failures in this span of time. Seems meh? Enter a teenager, Colin, who claims one of these 4 men is his father.

The Heirs
The Heirs stars Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin. This drama is about a up-scale high school populated by privileged and rich kids. They are supposed to take over their family businesses and have everything in control, except their love lives. Problems also result from their realisation that life isn’t as simple, given that they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they realise what constitutes the real world, and of course, love.