5 Facts About Arnold’s Fried Chicken You Probably Didn’t Know of


Frequently touted as one of the best fried chicken in Singapore, Arnold’s Fried Chicken is still surprisingly quite unknown.

It’s unfortunately quite overshadowed by the likes of KFC, Texas Chicken, and the recent surge of popularity for Korean fried chicken everywhere.

Image: arnoldsfriedchicken.com

To bring more awareness to this seriously awesome fried chicken place, we have five facts about Arnold’s for you that you might not have known.

1. 30 Years’ History

Arnold’s Fried Chicken has been around for more than 30 years, serving delicious fried chicken to Singaporeans since 1984. Little of their restaurants have changed, save for the addition of 4 more outlets to a total of 5.

Ever since they first opened their doors, they have offered either the standard chicken parts meal like those offered in KFC and whole spring chicken meals.

2. Singaporean Brand

Did you know that Arnold’s Fried Chicken is actually a local creation?

Back in 1984, the first-ever Arnold’s outlet opened in City Plaza, along Geylang Road.

City Plaza is a really old shopping mall, and most people now wouldn’t even have known about its existence.

Which could be the reason why no one really knows about Arnold’s.

3. Halal Pioneer

Back when Arnold’s first opened, fast food restaurants are very slow to acquire the halal certification.

Even McDonald’s was haram. Arnold’s jumped on the opportunity and became the first fast-food restaurant in Singapore to get the certification, and catered to the Malay population.

Even their choice of location, City Plaza, was between traditionally Malay enclaves of Joo Chiat and Geylang.

4. New Tampines Outlet

In Nov 2019 (that’s this year), Arnold’s announced that they’re opening their sixth outlet at Tampines West Community Club.

So if you’re staying in Tampines and too lazy to go to Bedok, well, good news for you!

5. Arnold’s Amal Coupons

Keeping in line with their halal identity, Arnold’s Fried Chicken actually frequently helps out various organizations and mosques to raise funds, by giving away their signature spring chicken sets through coupons.

Basically, thousands of coupons have been given to these organizations and mosques to sell, and the funds from the sales are entirely for charity.