5 Favouritest CNY Goodies & How Long You’ve Got To Run After Eating Them

One thing we all love most about Chinese New Year other than all the Ang baos we are about to receive would be the excuse to snack on CNY goodies whenever and wherever we want to.

Plus, this kills all the boredom whenever we have the dreaded visitings and when our parents start to engage in a 10-hour conversation with our relatives about whose GPA results are better.

But snacking on your favourite CNY goodies also come with the burden of burning them off. Plus, you will be shocked (yeah, really shocked) when you find out the number of calories that these snacks contain.

1. Bak Kwa


Love Bak Kwa? Then you better love running even more. Just 1 piece of Bak Kwa has 370 calories, which is equivalent to a 47-minute jog. Lol, good luck to you ah. If you eat more than 5 pieces this CNY, you’ll have to take one day leave and spend it on running.

2. Love Letters


3 rolls of Love Letters accumulate to a total of 168 calories which is also equivalent to a 21-minute jog. We know how addictive these babies can be since it’s so easy to pop them into our mouths. But I mean, do have them sparingly because a little can also amount to a lot.

3. Party Mixed Peanut Snack


These peanut snacks might look small, but they are loaded with the most amount of calories – even higher than that of 1 piece of Bak Kwa. Even 1 small plate of peanut snack can amount to 418 calories which is a 53-minute jog.

Shit. I just had one pack last weekend.

4. Pineapple Tarts


Oh, the widely lauded Pineapple Tarts that almost everyone loves. Just like Bak Kwa, Pineapple Tarts are a staple during Chinese New Year. And having 3 pieces of Pineapple Tarts would mean that you’ll have to prepare for a 31-minute jog.

5. Twisted Cookies


These twisted cookies might not be as commonly found as pineapple tarts or bak kwa but this doesn’t mean that people still don’t have them. But not to fret as these are still pretty harmless. Having 3 of them would amount to 201 calories which is around a 26-minute jog.

*Information from HPB online

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