5 ‘Gross’ Things Couples Do to Each Other That Shows The Relationship is Commited Liao

Image: Niran Phonruang / Shutterstock.com

There’re many stages in a relationship: from the wooing period when both parties keep on wondering what each other is thinking to the honeymoon period when your heart will beat fast when you see each other.

Then, slowly but surely (if it’s a committed one, that is), it’ll reach a stage whereby you’ll forget about your image and just do anything you want in front of him or her.

That’s when you know marriage is on the cards because you’re so used to each other, and you’ll no longer feel butterflies in your stomach (imagine having those butterflies for decades!).

Check out whether you’re at this stage by seeing whether you’ve done any of these gross things.

If you have, there’s a high chance that during your wedding dinner, your conversation during that night is just all about whether McDonald’s has a new burger, because wedding dinner is merely just something to get over with.

You fart in front of him—loudly

Image: Emily frost / Shutterstock.com

Sometimes, it even becomes a battle of the louder farts: whoever can fart louder wins. For variety, some couples aim for the longest farts. When your partner suddenly stops in his tracks and show you his butt to fart, you know you’re being challenged.

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You didn’t bother to close the door when you urinate or shit

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Okay, maybe urinate isn’t that gross, but shitting—yeah, we’re talking about shitting literally. You can just get him to stand beside you to chat as you shit, and when you’re done, you sometimes show him your shit. Gross? Well, why not? This time, it’s the battle of the shits: bigger, smellier or longer.

I’m sorry if this made you comfortable, but it definitely won’t make any committed couple uncomfortable.

You kick him out of the bed when sleeping in your most horrible position

Image: Ken Niphon / Shutterstock.com

Whether you sleep with your legs wide open or with you drooling, you don’t give a damn. After all, it’s the same for him—the only difference is that when a girl kicks a guy, it’s cute, but when a guy kicks a girl, it’s hell.

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You kiss him even when he’s drenched in sweat

Image: Maridav / Shutterstock.com

You know exactly how he tastes. As long as it’s his sweats and not other people’s one, it’s perfectly fine. In fact, you might be a little obsessed with it because it’s just so manly.

You stick your finger into his nose

Image: Shaynepplstockphoto / Shutterstock.com

No one knows why—not even you—but you just dare to do it. You don’t even bother to wash your hands after that because his nose if your nose.

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