5 haunted buildings in S’pore that has been demolished—have you been there before?

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Ghost stories are always a favourite during parties and camps. There have been dozens of ghost stories shared among friends and some of them are really scary. There are also haunted buildings that provide adventures for the thrill seekers.

However, have you ever thought that those haunted buildings which have been demolished or partially demolished to convert them into something new are actually more scary? Check out the below list.

Hillview Mansion aka Green House
Hillview Mansion was located at the top of Hillview Hill. It used to be privately owned back in its glorious days. History has it that the whole family living there was burned to death in a fire. Subsequent renovations to the house could never be completed because of the dead family who had turned into evil spirits and lingered in the house. It was demolished in 2004 and nothing was left of it except the gate and a pile of rocks.

Nee Soon Rubber Estate
The current Sembawang area used to be known as the Nee Soon Rubber Estate. As you probably know, rubber trees are magnets for pontianaks. It was said that many pontianaks lived in the trees, and when the plantation was cleared for residential and industrial development, the spirits remained behind. Residents have reported sighting of such spirits everywhere–in the parks, at the void deck, and even on their balcony. Others reported of a kindly old lady who stood at their door steps, telling them that she has been “waiting for them” all these while. Brrr, isn’t that scary?

View Road Hospital
This is a much lesser known hospital as compared to our Old Changi Hospital. It was a mental hospital located in Admiralty. In its days, it was a subsidiary of Woodbridge Hospital and housed many patients behind its walls. After closing down in 2001, it was said that the spirits of the patients lingered in the building as they were unable to “escape” from it. Today, it is rebuilt into a foreign worker’s dormitory called View Road Lodge. Can you imagine the noise that they are probably hearing at night?

Matilda House aka White House
Matilda House was located in Punggol. It was built in 1902 by Joseph Cashin but was later abandoned in the 1970s. The story involving this house said that evil spirits took up residence in the house after it was abandoned, and they would kill anyone who ventured into it.

Previously, the government had wanted to demolish it the same way they did to the Green House, but 2 workers mysteriously died during the works for demolishment. It was rumoured that a white lady with long hair was spotted in the trees nearby when the accident happened. The house was then gazetted as a conservation house and fenced with barbed wires. It was guarded by CCTV and nobody is allowed to go in. Currently, it is a clubhouse inside a condominium compound.

Here is a map of the location:

Image: streetdirectory.com
Image: streetdirectory.com

Changi Commando Barracks
The barracks used to house British and Amercian soldiers during World War 2. It was taken over by SAF after 1965, and was used as a headquarters for commandos from the 1970s to 1980s. It was later abandoned as the country developed. Story has it that the spirits of POWs from World War 2, who died from torture and starvation, still haunt the place. Current hotel development around the area will likely convert this to a clubhouse for the hotel use.

Even though the last building is still standing for now, thrill seekers, please note that you cannot visit the place anymore. It will be converted soon enough but the legends of these 5 will continue to live for generations to come.