5 Hollywood Horror Movies to Re-watch Again for the ‘Fewlings’

Last Updated on 2022-10-16 , 2:37 pm

Horror movies are a favourite for many who want to have a thrill and all horror movies share a common objective which is to entertain viewers by making their heart beat fast and scare them.

But heck, remember that GST is going to increase soon and you might be fearless of everything le.

If you, however, are in a mood for some jump scares, here are a few recommendations for the horror movie fans – the Hollywood edition.

The Exorcist

Well, this might be old but old is gold here.

This classic horror movie that tells of a tale about a girl who was possessed by a demon and the attempts by her family and a priest to chase the demon away. The movie is highly rated for its scares and when it was first released, there were warnings put up by cinemas which showed the movie after reports of viewers suffering mental breakdowns and even a pregnant view who allegedly suffered a miscarriage due to the fright they had from watching the movie.

Paranormal Activity

For those who are afraid of haunted houses, this movie is one they should steer clear from. This movie is played out from the viewpoint of a family encountering strange happenings in their house and using cameras placed around their house hoping to find out the cause of these happenings.

This movie spawned sequels that continues to scare movie goers and the reason for why it is scary according to those who watched it is due to the fact that they can relate to the events being played out in the movie.

And let’s just say that this is one of the first few movies to kind of break the fourth wall. For all you know, it might just break the TV and crawl into your living room #justsaying

The Conjuring

Said to based on a true story (but very loosely), The Conjuring tells of 2 paranormal investigators who visit and investigate a farmhouse where they discover it haunted by a terrifying demonic presence. It now has many sequels and prequel, including The Nun that’s coming out next month, but the first one is what started it all.


Ever felt that that there is something around even when you are alone at home? This movie will definitely freak you out if you answered “yes” to the above question. Poltergeist revolves around a family that is haunted by a group of ghosts in their home and this movie is believed to be cursed as there were cast members who died between the release of the film and its sequels.

Nightmare on Elm Street

The movie that starred the iconic character Freddy Krueger, the movies tells of a terrifying encounter by a group of teenagers who are stalked and killed by Freddy in their dreams as revenge for his death at the hands of the teenagers’ parents. This movie is chilling due to the fact that it gives viewers the notion that nowhere is safe, not even in your dreams.

Or, maybe, not even when you’re watching it at home.