5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With All the Leftover Ang Pows After CNY

Ang Pows! These little red packets are the most loved or hated tradition of CNY, depending on how single you are, and how old you are. No matter which group you belong to, be it the poor, young single one where you get to receive free money, or the poor, young married one where you have to give out free money, chances are you have a lot of ang pows left over after a few days of house visiting.

Now that the money have settled down, and the red packets are empty once again, ever wished you had a way to deal with so many extra ang pows lying around? Say no more, fam. We teach you here five ways to use those ang pows and try to forget about the large hole in your wallets.

1. Make Red Packet Lanterns for the Lantern Festival

Image: submerryn.com

So it has been a few days into the CNY celebrations, and you are already basically broke, either from gambling or from giving away ang pows to your relatives’ children (why do they have so many children?). It is also almost time for the Lantern Festival, and you need a lantern.

Well, no need to spend even more money than you already have. Just grab a pile of those leftover red packets, and start making your own lantern! Google is your best friend here, providing you near limitless ways to turn your ang pows into pretty lanterns ready for the last day of CNY.

Spend some time to carefully make your masterpiece. Give yourself a pat on the back for your achievement. And try not to cry when everyone else has a much better lantern they bought off the internet.

2. Use them as Food Waste Receptacles

Image: kzww / Shutterstock.com

After your arts and crafts project, you must be feeling hungry. What better way to satiate your hunger than a hearty homecooked meal? You probably don’t have enough money to go out and eat at some fancy restaurant anymore, after the two weeks of eating out during CNY.

The leftover ang pows that didn’t get turned into lanterns are useful here as well. Did you eat fish? Don’t worry about the bones, just put them in a red packet and give them to your niece throw it in the trash without making a mess! Chicken? Do the same thing! In fact, this works with any food waste from your meals. Life hack!

3. Hang them up as CNY Décor

Image: simplymommie.com

Wait, I hear you asking, why are we making more CNY décor after the celebrations? Fret not, I know full well the celebrations are over. But don’t you miss the festivities already? The seemingly endless good food, the festive mood, and best of all the holidays when you don’t have to work. The answer is, of course, you don’t have to let the festivities end.

Just grab another handful of the red packets, and put on your arts and crafts cap again (you could even make one out of ang pows!). Spend some time with your loved ones and make a bunch of CNY décor, then put them up around the house, so the party never stops!

Best thing is, you don’t have to spend a cent, and this is your CNY celebrations, and nobody has to give and ang pows to anyone. 财神 knows you don’t have any more money.

4. Use them as Wallpaper

Image: wonderopolis.org

No, I’m perfectly fine. Why did you ask? I assure you this is a great idea, and also a cheap way to freshen up your home for the new year. If you’re like me, you will have a lot more red packets left over even after the above. This is what happens when you buy red packets every year when you forget you still have a huge stockpile at home.

This is the ultimate life hack: take all of the red packets you have left, and start sticking them onto your walls. Guaranteed festive mood for your home! You don’t even have to spend anything to make your home feel completely new. Get your family to join in as well. In fact, make it a family activity so you don’t have to go outside during the weekends before your payday.

5. Save for next year’s CNY

Image: kaodim.com

Oh. I think I’ve used them all up for my new wallpaper. No worries. If you don’t have any left after the arts and crafts projects above, there’s a simple solution for next year’s CNY. Just buy more new ones! You know you’re going to anyway.

Whatever you do, just remember to not waste any resources this CNY. Recycle your leftover ang pows, and don’t throw so many of them away! While you’re enjoying the festivities, don’t forget about the environment as well. Happy Chinese New Year!

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