5 legit ways to get more discounts in restaurants you probably never thought of


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Singaporeans like things good and cheap—especially our food. Finding restaurants that serve great food with great service at an affordable price isn’t exact easy, but there’re actually ways to get more discount than you expected.

Hard to believe? Here’re a few good ways. You’re most welcome!

Check for credit card discounts
Some restaurants would have discount if you use certain banks’ credit cards. Most of them indicate the discount at the entrance, but some might not, and you will only know it when you’re in the restaurant. From my personal experience, UOB and Citibank seem to have discounts on most restaurants.

Check out vouchers in Groupon
In case you’re wondering whether Groupon still exists, here’s the answer: Yes, they still exist, and they’ve got more and more vouchers for restaurants in Singapore. Most vouchers are at around 50% discount, so stay updated with Groupon and save some bucks!

Check out vouchers in Chope.com
While Groupon provides vouchers at around 50%, their choices are still pretty limited. Chope.com sells 10% off vouchers and the number of restaurants available is impressive. If you’ve intended to visit a restaurant this weekend, why not “Chope” it out first?

Check out vouchers in Qoo10
If you think all you can buy from Qoo10 are handphone casings and powerbanks, you’re very wrong. There’re countless vouchers in Qoo10 as well—in fact, the selection might just surprise you. Sign up for a Qoo10 account because they’re growing so fast, I won’t be surprised that one day, every restaurant in Singapore would have signed up with Qoo10!

Always Google before you step into a restaurant
We’re not suggesting you to read the reviews, but to check out any deals online.  Even if they’re not on any of the websites listed above, they might have discount vouchers on, say, Gumtree. Some blogs would also have discount codes. Be a kiasu expert, because why not?!

Top Image: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com