5 little actions that’ll melt your girl’s heart when she’s going to kill you

Ever tried dealing with your girlfriend when she’s in a bad mood and ready to kill someone (maybe you)? Even if you don’t know why she is mad at you (or the entire world), you can try some of these tips and tricks on her. It will instantly lift her mood and brighten up her day! Also, we promise that these moves are just as slick as DOTS Captain Yoo’s moves on Doctor Kang!

Take care of her hair.
If you see her fringe or hair getting in her face while she rages on, brush those flyaway strands away from her face and behind the ears. This is sure to be a show-stopper! We guarantee that she will melt in your arms once you tuck her hair behind her ears (which are usually a sensitive part)!

Carry her things for her.
Don’t wait for her to start nagging at you about how heavy her bags are. If you see her struggling with many things to carry in her arms, take the initiative to take over and carry those things for her! This will help you escape the nagging and also earn you bonus points at the same time.

“Sayang” her.
Yes, we know your girlfriend is not a dog. However, petting her head is a sign of affection. Remember how your parents used to show their love for you by “sayang-ing” you? This action will definitely evoke fond memories of how her parents pampered and cared for her, filling her with positive vibes!

Hold her hand when you talk to her.
When she is in a bad mood, merely talking it out logically is not going to be of much help. Build a positive bodily connection by holding her hand so that you can get her attention focused on what you are going to say. Look into her eyes and let her know how important you are to her!

Hug her.
Yes, even if she struggles in your embrace, continue to hug her tightly. Hugs are the best way of conveying emotion and love! Wait until she is calm enough before you start talking to her. However, if she is prepared to slap you or kick you in your groin, you might want to avoid this method.

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