5 New Features Coming to WhatsApp That’ll Make WhatsApp Great Again

Remember when WhatsApp took the smartphone industry by storm?

It essentially replaced SMS as the primary messaging system on all phones.

With the Internet integrated into text messaging, it introduced a bunch of nifty functions such as the infamous “Last Seen”.

RIP the ability to ghost someone completely, right?

But then, it also allowed us to attach media such as photos and videos in our messages easily and free of charge.

RIP to MMS, right? (By the way, you’re old if you don’t need to Google to know what MMS is)

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Well, many years have passed since then.

While WhatsApp may still be the most popular one, there are now many rivals out there in the forms of Messenger, WeChat, LINE, and many more. And then of course, perhaps the most famous one, Telegram.

I personally like Telegram more. It’s faster and cleaner, and its sticker and GIF functions are more seamless and user-friendly.

Let’s just say WhatsApp needs to buck up a bit.

But ever since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook back in 2014 (wah, so long le ah?), new functions have been pushed out steadily to perhaps make WhatsApp great again.

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Here are the 5 ones coming up to perhaps help it trump over other messaging apps.

Sharing WhatsApp Statuses To Facebook

You’ll be able to share your WhatsApp statuses to Facebook with a click of a button.

But are there really people who use WhatsApp statuses actively?

I mean, do you even know what that is?

It’s like Instagram Story – wait, it’s not just like Instagram Story. It’s an Instagram Story clone right in WhatsApp that we don’t use

Well, lest anyone’s using it (my colleague said the younger folks do use it), this would be lit.

Though, if the younger folks are using WhatsApp Status…then they won’t share it on Facebook as well. Because they don’t even have a Facebook account.

Fingerprint Authentication

Unfortunately, this will only be available to users who have a phone with fingerprint scanner functions.

However, this will be pretty cool.

Your girlfriend now can’t go through your messages while you’re in the shower.

Or you’ll like it too if you’re paranoid that people will steal your phone to misuse your WhatsApp account.


Maybe now you can’t use the “Oops sorry my friend sent that” excuse when your crush rejects your confession.

Contact List Ranked Based on “Favourite People”

This will probably be really useful, as I’m quite tired of missing messages or having trouble finding chats with my favourite people.

This will be an automatic feature based on whoever you interact with the most that keep them at the top of the app.

Can’t wait to see who will be at the top of mine.

But I know my secondary school BFF which we promised to “stay in touch forevaaaaa” will probably be at the bottom.



Dark Mode

Yeah, you know it.

Are you one of those like me, whose wardrobe consists of 98% black-coloured clothing to reflect the colour of your soul?

Or you’re a sucker of sleek dark aesthetics?

Well, I don’t think I need to introduce Dark Mode. It’s a feature that many apps have and many users turn it on permanently.


Do you know that if you’re using the Andriod version of the Goody Feed app, there’s a dark mode, too?

Though, if you’re using an iPhone, you’d have to wait as our developer is still working on the dark mode feature for iPhone.

QR Code To Add Contacts

Are you afraid that the girl you just picked up at Zouk gave you a fake number? Fret no longer!

You can now add contacts simply using QR codes.

Once again, it’s a function that many apps are already using, but better late than never, right?

In case you don’t know – basically every user will have a unique QR code which you can scan with your app to quickly and easily add another contact.

Image: Tenor

What do you think?

Will these new features make WhatsApp truly great again?


Or would you still continue to use Telegram?

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