5 Rules to Set Before Starting CNY Blackjack If Not Sure Quarrel

Last Updated on 2022-01-10 , 3:38 pm

Ah, Ban Luck, the to-play game during Chinese New Year. Let’s face it: this is the only period that most of us would be gambling, so it’s essential that we’ve a good time playing it.

But then again, you’ve got to admit that sometimes, relationships were strained because of ban luck, not because someone lost a lot of money, but due to disagreement on the rules.

Given that we used different rules in different households, it’s essential that we set a house rule so that no one would be able to go, “Eh, you never say earlier!”

Here’re the five rules that you die die must set before starting the game, if not you die die will quarrel.

Triple 7= 3 times the bet, 7 times the bet or 49 times the bet?

Getting triple 7 is like striking 4D, but I’ve got to admit that I once got it before (really!), so it’s not impossible. The moment I got it, I wanted it to be 49 times, while my friend, who’s the dealer, insisted on 3 times.

Make sure everyone agrees on a number before starting. If I were you, I’ll suggest 7 times—not too painful and not too stressful, too. 49 times is a tad too…serious lah.

Ace can be used for 1, 10 or 11?

Of course, there’re prescribed rules of Ace being 1, 10 or 11 based on the number of your cards, but in CNY ban luck, everything goes.

Therefore, it’s always safer to ensure that everyone agrees on a house rule. Most of the times, we’ll just let it be any number (1, 10 or 11), since it’s just a game, eh?

15 points can “run”?

Now, if there’s only one rule you need to set, make sure you set this. Can a person with an initial 15 points withdraw from the game? And most importantly, can the dealer withdraw if he or she gets 15 points?

My suggest? Yes to both. Because 15 points really “not three not four” seh.

One more rule is whether dealer can withdraw if you’ve got a Blackjack. Is it based on “who say first”, or is Blackjack always bigger than 15 points? Decide first before you pull each other’s hair!

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Maximum and minimum bet?

Imagine everyone putting a $0.10 bet, and one joker decides to put a $50 bet…when the dealer only has $10 with him. Set the maximum and minimum bet, and keep it small so that we all can play longer, eh?

Also, make sure the folding rule is set: if a $2 note is folded two times, does it mean that it’s a $0.50 bet?

21 points must pay normal or double?

In some households, if you get 21 points, you’ll get double the amount, while in some, they’ll just say you’re lucky. Make sure this rule is set beforehand, because trust me, there’ll be many lucky fellows who get 21 points.

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