5 Simple Hacks To Dry Your Laundry Fast Even If It Rains Every Day

Last Updated on 2021-03-13 , 4:19 pm

Rainy days can be a big headache for housewives, or househusbands, or students.

Basically whoever is doing the laundry.

Rain can mean that your clothes are not going to dry fast enough and result in a damp smell.

Singapore experiences annual rainy seasons. For some, it means less changing and more smelly clothes. For others with clothes dryers at home, erm… you win lor!

To all the poor folks who can’t afford dryers, worry not! Goody Feed will teach you today how to dry your clothes during the wettest months.

1. Towels

Because we don’t wear towels out to meet people, towels will have to sacrifice for the welfare of its master.

When you need to dry your clothes quickly, sometimes just twisting them will not make it dry enough to dry fast.

So take a dry towel and lay in onto your newly washed laundry and twist it.

The towel will absorb the moisture and prevent it from being reabsorbed back into the shirt.

Then, the shirt will dry quickly. Who cares about a wet towel, right?

Note: perfect for when you need to wear a specific cloth


If one day you find yourself out of underwear, try putting your moist underwear into a plastic bag and blow hot air into it at intervals with the hairdryer.

The turbulent hot air in the plastic bag will dry it out quickly. No more itchy privates!


We believe that you have already done it before. However, we’d like to give you some tips: To prevent damaging your clothes, lay a piece of cloth over your clothes before ironing.

It can prevent your clothes from being damaged by the heat.

Bending your hanger

By bending the tips of your hanger forward, you turn your hanger from a flat 2D to a 3D dimension.

What that does is to prevent the front and the back of the shirt from sticking together. Which means? Faster drying.

The way you hang your clothes

The way you hang your laundry matters, obviously. But many of us don’t actually know how to do it, despite understanding that.

When drying shirts, button up the collar and make it stand. This way, you will not get a dry t-shirt with a wet collar.

Use those round hanging clippers that you use to clip your socks to hang your jeans.

Turn it inside out to dry the pockets faster. Clip it in a way that will make the legs hollow and speed up drying.

It might be tricky to set it up but it sure beats sleeping on bedsheets with that water smell, right?

Featured Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com