5 S’pore News That You Should Know About That Were Reported Yesterday (12 November 2019)

Let’s face it: in this social media world, exciting and viral news like a cat feeding a baby bear would often appear in your Facebook news feed, while important news like the GDP growth of Singapore this year wouldn’t get the same reach.

It’s understandable since social media platforms would prioritise engaging and viral contents to keep users in their platform.

In order to ensure that you’d still know about important news instead just social news, below are the top five Singapore news that was reported yesterday which you should know, simplified for you in a bite-sized format:

27yo Man Slams Girlfriend’s Baby’s Head Against Van & Kills Him At Yishun

27-year-old renovation worker Mohamed Aliff Mohamed Yusoff was charged in court on 9 November for voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

The victim was is nine-month-old Izz Fayyaz Zayani Ahmad, the son of his girlfriend.

Aliff allegedly slammed the boy’s head against the floorboard of a van, causing severe injuries to the infant which eventually led to death on 8 November.

Aliff will return to court on 15 November. If found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in jail and fine/caning.

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Fake Police Website Phishing For Confidential Information Re-Surfaces

A website trying to pass off as the official Singapore Police Force (SPF) website to trick people into giving up their personal details has re-emerged as of 12 November.

The fake website gained infamy in January and also re-emerged in October.

It is an impersonation scam in the form of a fake SPF website designed to trick people into providing their personal and financial information.

The police said that the official police website is www.police.gov.sg and advised members of the public to ignore suspicious calls and instructions to remit or transfer money.

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Parents On Trial For Murder Of 5-Year-Old Son Who Was Scalded With Hot Water, Confined In Cage

From July 2016 up to October 2016, a five-year-old boy was subjected to all kinds of abuse.

One such torture included being confined in a cage meant for the family’s pet cat.

These that were carried were done by his parents, Azlin Arujunah and Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, both 27, until he died on 23 October 2016.

Ridzuan was arrested on the same day, while Azlin was arrested on 25 October 2016.

The married couple each faces the charge of murder with common intention, which carries the death penalty and other charges as well.

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Demand For E-Bikes Expected To Increase, But Retailers Taking It Slow

A new grant for food delivery riders is expected to generate more demand e-bikes.

Retailers, however, are taking it slow when it comes to bringing in more of such devices.

The grant gives food delivery riders who are currently using e-scooters up to up to S$1,000 to trade in their e-scooter for an e-bike, or up to S$600 for a bicycle.


There are currently around 13,000 registered e-bikes in Singapore, compared to more than 90,000 e-scooters.

However, while e-bikes may prove to be an attractive alternative for delivery riders, not everyone may agree with this.

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Lawyer Accused Of Molestation Says He Gave Incriminating Statement Due To ‘Guarantee’ Of No Court Proceedings If He Did So

A lawyer, who used to work for top firm Drew & Napier, is accused of molesting his then-colleague once and insulting the woman’s modesty on three separate occasions.

He faces four charges, allegedly committing these offences at the Ocean Financial Centre in Collyer Quay in April and October 2017.


In one case, he allegedly pressed his thigh against his then colleague’s upper arm and used his phone to take pictures of her underwear

The man claimed he only admitted to the claims as he wanted to be done with the case and be free.

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