5 S’pore News That You Should Know About That Were Reported Yesterday (20 February 2020)


Let’s face it: in this social media world, exciting and viral news like a cat feeding a baby bear would often appear in your Facebook news feed, while important news like the GDP growth of Singapore this year wouldn’t get the same reach.

It’s understandable since social media platforms would prioritise engaging and viral contents to keep users in their platform.

In order to ensure that you’d still know about important news instead just social news, below are the top five Singapore news that was reported yesterday which you should know, simplified for you in a bite-sized format:

ComfortDelgro & Grab Drivers To Get More Help Besides $77 Million Package

Drivers are seeing a hit to their daily revenue as the Covid-19 situation in Singapore continues.

A $77 million package was provided to help ComfortDelgro drivers and eligible Grab drivers to tide over the next three months.

Now, on top of this package, ComfortDelgro and Grab is going to offer even more assistance to their drivers.

For ComfortDelgro taxi drivers, they will have an additional $16.50 daily rental rebate until the end of March.

Following which is a $10 daily rental rebate for the entire month of April.

Eligible Grab drivers will get $155 top-up to their weekly earnings through the special relief fund.

You can read more here.

Wife Convinced Lover To Sabotage Husband’s Car Cuz She Wanted Him Dead

Amanda Yeo Pei Min is the wife of Mr Walter Ting Yong Chin. The couple did not have a happy marriage and frequently quarrelled with one another.

Wanting her husband dead, she told her lover to sabotage his car. Mr Ting is a Grab driver and is on the roads most times of the day.

She wanted him to get into an accident.

So her lover did what she asked him to but the attempt failed.

After a serious quarrel, Yeo taught her lover to cut the brake line and loosen his tyres the second time.

She had watched a YouTube video showing how this could kill drivers in an accident.


A driver saw her lover behaving suspiciously and called the police, who eventually foiled the attempt.

You can read more here.

77 Stay-Home Notices Issued Within 12 Hours of New Scheme

If you don’t know, Singapore is really cracking down on Covid-19. And one of their new measures is to change the Leave of Absence (LOA) with the stay-home notice.

My ugly colleague GY wrote a very enlightening article on it here.

And within 12 hours of the new scheme kicking in, it was reported that 77 notices have been issued.


They were issued to Singapore residents, long-term pass holders and foreign workers who were in mainland China the past 14 days.

Consequences for not obeying the stay-home notice include jail time, a hefty fine, revoke or shortening of status (PR, work permits, etc) and worse.

In short, don’t play play.

You can read more here.

Police Warns of New WhatsApp Scams

While there are more Covid-19 scams happening here in Singapore (which, by the way, includes profiteering), other friendly neighbourhood scammers are not stopping their antics.

The Singapore Police Force issues a warning about a new WhatsApp scam that is emerging in Singapore.


Victims will receive a message requesting for the 6-digit code “accidentally” sent to them by a friend whose WhatsApp account was compromised.

Once they reveal the code, they lose access to their WhatsApp account.

Victims might also be asked to reveal personal information to sign up for a fake lucky draw (typically by Lazada or Shopee) and lose thousands of dollars in front of their eyes.

You can read more here.

Daily Update On Covid-19 in S’pore (20 Feb)

There’s good news and bad news today.


The good news is that there’s only one new COVID-19 case reported today.

The bad news is that as of now, it’s unknown how he had been infected as there’s no known link to other confirmed cases yet.

This means the total number of confirmed cases in Singapore is at 85.

As of noon today, 3 more patients have been discharged, which brings the total number of recovered patients at 37.

4 people are still in ICU. The conditions of the remaining 44 patients are either stable or improving.

You can read more here.

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