5 S’pore News That You Should Know About That Were Reported Yesterday (30 November 2019)

Let’s face it: in this social media world, exciting and viral news like a cat feeding a baby bear would often appear in your Facebook news feed, while important news like the GDP growth of Singapore this year wouldn’t get the same reach.

It’s understandable since social media platforms would prioritise engaging and viral contents to keep users in their platform.

In order to ensure that you’d still know about important news instead just social news, below are the top five Singapore news that was reported yesterday which you should know, simplified for you in a bite-sized format:

Fans Spot Bono From U2 As They Go Around Singapore Before The Concert

Irish Rock Band, U2 have landed in Singapore for their The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 concert. Since their arrival, they have taken the chance to explore Singapore.

They have visited places like ArtScience Museum. Some lucky members of the public have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them and have even asked for a ‘wefie’.

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POFMA Office Has Instructed Facebook To Publish Correction Notice On States Times Reviews’ Post

The office in charge of the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) announced on Friday that they have instructed Facebook to inform of corrections made on a post by the States Times Review.

This was enacted by the Minister of Home Affairs K Shanmugam. “The TCD (targeted correction direction) requires Facebook to publish a correction notice on a ‘States Times Review’ Facebook post, published on Nov 23, 2019, 8.05am. Mr Tan runs the ‘States Times Review’ Facebook page.”

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GoJek Has Announced That It Will Partner Taxi Operator Trans-Cab

Gojek users in Singapore will now be able to tap into a larger number of vehicles when they book a ride. This comes after the Indonesian ride-hailing firm announced that they would be partnering with Trans-Cab.

It was made known at an event which celebrated the first anniversary of Gojek’s commercial operations in Singapore.

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Singapore Re-elected To International Maritime Organisation Council

Singapore has been re-elected to the council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for a 14th consecutive two-year term.

According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore is said to bring balanced perspectives to challenges that the shipping industry faces due to it being a major port state of a vital shipping lane.

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Changes To Education System Will Bring Back Joy Of Learning

Recent changes to the education system here in Singapore include less emphasis on exams. This is in hopes that it will help more children succeed in different ways.

The Straits Times’ senior education correspondent Sandra Davie says that this will bring back the joy of learning, in a speech to more than 100 people on Friday.

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