5 Studying Tips During Tuition to Maximize The Money Spent

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One of the most basic things that we need to understand about our kids is that, each and every child has a different learning capacity and different learning style. Some children might grasp things quickly, while other may require more time or another approach to understand the same thing. One of the best ways to resolve this situation is to get your child a good tutor that could understand and help him in understanding things in his own style.

Tuition is not a new thing, but what matters is how much you are able to get out from it. Many students complain that they are not able to grasp things taught in tuition efficiently, and this is the reason we have brought you some ways following which you will be able to grasp tuition lessons faster.

1. Identify your Learning Style

The most common mistakes that most of the students make is they know nothing about their learning style. Basically there are 3 learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. Visual learners learn quickly by seeing things how they are done. Auditory listeners on the other hand learn by listening to things and Kinaesthetic learners learn efficiently by trying out things and learn by doing things practically.

You can find many quizzes on the internet that could help you identify the type of listener you are. By this, you will come to know how you need to tackle all the new information taught in the tuitions.

2. Have an Idea about the topic beforehand

One of the best way to grasp everything taught at tuition is to have an idea about the topic that you are going to learn. Let’s say you are going for Chinese tuition, but have absolutely no idea about what you are going to learn in class – you might find yourself being left clueless of what the teacher is teaching! Having an idea helps you in understanding things easily while the tutor is teaching you all the new stuff.

3. Write Stuff Down

This is the most crucial point that you must follow all the time you are in tuition. You need to understand that your mind can get lazy and will fail to concentrate if it gets bored. Make a habit of listening and seeing what is being taught. Think over it and jot it down on a paper in your own words. This will help you understand most of the things that your listen or see.

In addition to that, you will be keeping your mind active so your mind won’t get bored. According to a study, while listening or reading, we perceive a lot of information from our eyes, nose, ears etc. But while we are working on a piece of paper, all the unnecessary information is filtered by the brain. Brain also creates some spatial relationship between these information bits which helps in filtering irrelevant information and storing only important info.

4. Ask yourself “Why?”

Most kids fear to ask question during tuition because they think that other students might make fun of them. You need to get this out of our mind. Not asking questions and not clearing your doubts is even worse than asking stupid questions. In addition to that you also need to ask questions to yourself, especially “Why?” Why chemicals react, why gravity varies etc. It is going to help your brain understand the basics of the lesson which in turn is really important to learn anything.

5. Absorb new information and never give up

Last and not the least, make yourself prepared for learning a lot of new things. Students who try to avoid learning new things basically fail to grasp from even the best tutors. You are going to learn new stuff, so be ready for it and never give up. You might face difficulty in the beginning, but following these methods will help you in overcoming most of the problems and help you grasp more and faster at tuition lessons.

Featured image: smiletutor.sg