5 true spooky experiences of people who mess with Ouija Boards (2 are from S’pore!)


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If the phrase Ouija Board doesn’t ring a bell, then take a look at this image.

Image: F. JIMENEZ MECA / Shutterstock.com
Image: F. JIMENEZ MECA / Shutterstock.com

Now, let’s all admit it: when we were young and fearless, we would often “play” this “game” in a chalet at midnight just to find out whether our crush had any interest in us.

The Ouija board is supposedly a platform to communicate with spirits. Many of us won’t exactly use the Ouija board, but merely draw something on a piece of paper to mimic the real thing.

The rules of the game are simple: a group of people would place one finger each on a coin, and let the coin slide to wherever it goes.

On top of the coin would be the Ouija board, with all 24 letters for the “spirit” to spell out the words. Like any urban legend, the idea is that it could be dangerous, as the “spirits” who would be guiding the coin are most likely confused and lost souls.

Now that you know more about Ouija board, here’re four creepiest encounters that are documented online (they’ve been told to be real) and one encounter that I’ve personally experienced.

The girl who went crazy

Okay, this is my personal experience and while I wasn’t involved, I witnessed part of the event. When I was in secondary school, there was a period when the teacher was on MC, so a relief teacher took over.

We were told to do whatever we wanted as long as we were not noisy. Fifteen minutes later, one of my female classmates screamed and tore a piece of paper, and sounds of coins dropping were heard.

The relief teacher got a shock and spoke to the group of classmates softly. Soon after, at the end of the day, our entire class was told to stay back. The discipline master stepped in and warned us about Ouija board, and how dangerous it could be.

He did not punish anyone but said that if that happened again, he would take disciplinary action. I later realized that the female classmate was playing Ouija board with a group of friends.


When asked a question of “really got ghost here meh?” by someone else, she suddenly went quiet. Then she tore the paper and when the relief teacher went to speak to her, the female classmates apparently used an expletive at him, and even threatened him to “mind his own business.”

A few minutes later, the girl suddenly looked around and asked everyone what happened. She could not remember tearing the paper or even scolding the teacher.

The group of spirits that followed

The second encounter occurred in Singapore as well. According to this account, a few secondary school friends were having a camp and decided to sneak to the school hall for a game of Ouija board.

Initially, they were just asking casual questions, but when the winds started to blow more aggressively, banging the doors, they decided that enough was enough. However, the coin was constantly moving away from the “Home”.

Certain that one of them were playing a fool, one of them released his finger and everyone did the same. The winds then got a lot stronger and were almost rhythmic, like those of a horror movie.

Shocked, they ran back to their quarters (which were classrooms). During that night, each one of them saw something weird at the same time: someone saw a woman in loose-fitting dress hanging on the ceiling, another saw a balding old man walking pass the windows and someone saw hand paints all over the classroom.

They screamed and woke everyone up. The next day, they were taken to the school counsellor whereby they admitted to their act in the hall. According to others, wherever they went, there would be a sharp drop of temperature. It is still unknown how the story ends…if it has even ended.

The Ouija board that predicted the future

Related by a person’s niece, she asked her auntie why she had not married and she told her what happened many years ago: Apparently, she used to have a very close boyfriend.

One of these days, they decided to play with a real Ouija board. Their first question was whether they would get married. The answer was no. Then they asked whether they would break up (since they would not be married).

The answer was no. In that case, they asked whether one of them would die soon, since they did not break up nor marry. The answer was yes. A week later, the boyfriend was involved in a fatal accident. Self-fulfilling prophecy, coincidence or…?


The person who asked for proof

So, there’ll always be that one person who doesn’t believe in spirits, and would scare the group by moving the coin wherever he wants. This was what happened to an eighteen-year-old: together with his friends, they started the game.

Halfway through, he challenged the “spirits” by saying this: “I want proof that you’re here! Come get me!” Immediately after that, the lights went off and everyone screamed. A few seconds later, the lights went back on, and that guy was holding his neck.

When he released them, there were visible markings of something big, not someone, grabbing his neck. Needless to say, they stopped the game immediately.

She’s at the mirror

A group of friends were very convinced that a spirit was around, and they were afraid to let go of their finger. So, one of them decided to ask where he or she was. The answer pointed to M-I-R-R-O-R, and knowing that the mirror was in the kitchen instead, none of them dare to face the direction of the kitchen.

Instead, they all looked down. One of them eventually plucked enough courage and looked to the direction of the kitchen, but saw nothing as the mirror was not visible from their area. “Guys, no worries, there’s nothing,” he said.

And as they were hoping that the spirit would go “Home”, someone screamed because right beside them was a standing mirror, and it was broken.


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