5 Useful Tips to Prevent Thinning Hair Your Uncle Wished He Knew

There are things in life we cannot stop. Our face getting wrinkles, our six-pack turning into one and, of course, thinning hair.

Having thinning hair is like having a bad hair day, except every day is a bad hair day. As we age, it is normal for us to experience hair fall, hair loss and eventually, thinning hair. But that doesn’t mean things are hopeless. 

Here are 5 useful tips to prevent your hair from thinning too fast, too early. And best of all, they are pretty easy to do!

1. The things you eat


Here’s something the experts told us: Hair requires protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12 to stay lush and thick. Eat more lean meats, leafy greens, nuts, beans, and fish (tuna, sardine and mackerel are good choices) for hair comparable to Jackie Chan.

2. Massage your head


Do this every time you shampoo your hair. Massaging your head in the shower improves the blood flow to the scalp. Not only will it make your scalp a better environment for growth, it also help you get the most value out of your shampoo by making it extra effective. 

3. Hair Styling


Let’s be honest, most of us tend to make use of hair styling tools like hair dryers and irons to enhance our look. Did you know that these common tools actually causes hair breakage and thinning, especially after hair colouring? You can still use these tools, just use them in moderation.

4. Stress Relief


I’m sure you know this but just to stay on the safe side: yes, stress do contribute to hair thinning. Sudden and chronic stress can stop hair growth so learn to breathe, do yoga or meditation and you might just find your hair growing back strong and healthy. 

5. Seeking Help from a Professional


And if all the tips above don’t work, it’s time to look for the pros – the doctors and hair specialists. Doctors can advise us if it has something to do with our body and hair specialists from treatment centres can also analyse the condition of your scalp.

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Feature Image: ESB Professional / Shutterstock.com

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