5 Videos That ‘Caught’ Footages of Ghosts in S’pore

Ghosts are everywhere in Singapore, no matter where you go. For example, our writer Zhi Hao could just be walking beside you yesterday night without you knowing about it.

But that being said, CCTVs are also everywhere in Singapore, no matter where you go. Consequently, some CCTVs have managed to capture a few ghostly sightings around certain areas of Singapore.

Of course, some might argue it is most likely a CCTV bug or a prank while others believe it is real. So you know what? Below are a few Singapore CCTV videos that caught images of ghosts with the link included.

So, check them out and discuss whether they are real or not. Warning; Not for the faint-hearted!

1) Ghost caught in CCTV in a lift in Raffles Place

I have no idea which part of Raffles Place it is but apparently, a CCTV in a lift captured a ghost live. The best part, the two men in the lift totally had no idea at all. I don’t want to spoil it so just watch it yourself. Note: Focus on the lift part as there are 4 separate cams.

2) Ghost in carpark in central part of Singapore

It might seem fake but wait till the end and you will see something. (Note: Turn on the sound to hear the full thing.)

(Note again: hold on to your phone tight if you’re watching this on your phone)

(Note again again: sorry)

3) Pontianak at chestnut ave in Bukit Panjang

Apparently, someone managed to film a figure that resembles a Pontianak. Some argued that they can’t see anything while some saw it. Whether it is true or not is your own judgement.

4) Singapore soldiers scared by ghost

Apparently, two Singaporean soldiers were on duty when they got scared shitless by some spirit. Some of you might find it scary; some will find it funny (I laughed my ass off when they screamed), but overall it is quite fun to watch.

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5) Old Tampines Road

Okay, this might not be a real ghost but it was based and adapted from a true story behind a haunted stretch of road along Old Tampines Road. Honestly, it was creepy yet nice to watch at the same time.

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I went online and checked and apparently, old Tampines Road was considered one of the most haunted places in Singapore and that story above is just one of the hauntings people and taxi drivers experienced while driving along that area.

If you’re still feeling brave, check out our video on the 10 most haunted places in Singapore here:

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