5 Ways to Increase the Chances of Finding a Dream Job Without Compromising on Pay

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Are you a fresh grad?

Or maybe, you’re finishing your last year of studies and joining the workforce soon.

Image: todayonline.com

A recent survey showed that one in two fresh grads from Private Education Institutes (PEI) managed to secure a full-time job within 6 months of graduating.

The rest are in contract jobs, working part-time, or just jobless.

Image: geekhack.org

Because that same report mentioned that if you are willing to go all out, you’ll be able to succeed anyway.

No matter whether you’re a fresh grad, an undergraduate or just a younger worker trying to make sense of everything that’s going on, this is for you.

Todo Todo Skills Marketplace, A Perfect Place For You

Think of them like the Taobao for jobs.

Comprising of four main segments, they aim to help you Explore your own potential, Excite you to go further and higher, Equip you with the necessary skills and help you Embark on your next big opportunity.

We had a chance to attend the Todo Todo Skills Marketplace that just happened at Westgate on 6 Apr 2018, and oh boy, was it impressive.

Now, because we’re such BFF with you, here are some takeaways we got from the event.

1. Getting a Job Is Actually Just a 2-Step Process

At this place, Young NTUC and PA invited speakers who have made it big in their industries to share their career experiences.

And one such speaker comes from Wantedly, who talked about getting employment in Singapore.

He talked about two major steps that’ll decide if you can secure a full-time job.

Step one, get an interview; step two, ace an interview.

If you are consistently stuck at step one, it’s time to look at your resume and online presence instead of sending applications one after another.

Maybe your LinkedIn isn’t updated. Maybe your resume is showing the wrong things. Or maybe, you haven’t managed to make your achievements shine.

Or your resume just isn’t interesting enough.

It was emphasised that HR departments nowadays don’t just depend on professional references provided. They also look at your online footprints to see if you match the job.

2. You Need A Mentor Who’s Willing To Guide You In Your Career

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone willing to take the time and energy to mentor them.

But what if I tell you this Skills Marketplace offer you this service. For free.

These career guides, recruited in a joint effort between NTUC & PA, are working adults in the industry who wants to give back to society and help youths in their career navigation.

They are there to provide career perspectives and advice for working in different fields. And they’re able to tell you, as a veteran themselves, what to look out for and what to expect.

And these are fully qualified career guides.

They’re trained in a competency framework put into place by Young NTUC

The competency framework consists of various competencies like leadership skills, public speaking and other useful skills that not only help them in their social efforts but enrich their lives too.

This will, hopefully, attract more volunteers and in turn, bring in more industries and give breadth to the Todo Todo’s Youth Career Network.

3. To Be Successful, Networking is a Must

Gone are those days where if you work hard, you’ll eventually succeed. Today, you must work hard, as well as know the right people.

Image: imgflip.com

Of course but how do you make it happen?

Here’s a suggestion: Go look for events like these where big shots are also present.

Then, it’s up to you to go shake their hands, say nice stuff and most importantly, impress them with the things you say.

Here’s a hint: those volunteers who are putting aside some time to mentor you? They’re notable people working in the industry right now.

Who knows, some of them might be so impressed with you they’ll want you in their company. #JustSaying

4. It can be great working in an SME, MNCs Aren’t The Only Way to Go

Gone are those days everyone just wants to work in an MNC.

Working in an SME can be pretty rewarding too.

You’ll be exposed to lots of different functions within the company, or what my ah ma like to say, bao sua bao hai (everything also do a.k.a saikang warrior).

Of course, it goes without saying that every day is an exciting challenge and the learning curve is steep.

Disclaimer: Only for people who look for challenges and excitement in their job.

5. Acknowledge That Every Industry is Transforming, Right Now Even as You’re Reading This

If you’ve always thought, aiya, there’s still time lah. Upskilling and transforming are not for people of my generation, you’re wrong.

It’s happening everywhere, and it’s happening now.

Mr Andy Oh, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the now-revived Gong Cha in Singapore spoke at the event.

He shared about the values of Gong Cha and how they have transformed to keep up with the changes in the F&B industry today.

For example, Gong Cha is going the cashless way by giving customers the option of paying via EZ-Link or NETS.

The other industry sharing was on the transformation in the retail scene in Singapore, and the career opportunities created for people like you and me.

Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, it’s also great to be able to know more about the latest industry trends and the current issues.

If you’ve missed the Todo Todo Skills Marketplace at Westgate, don’t worry!

There are many other career programmes you can be part of. Just keep an eye on their website for the latest, exciting events!

This article was first published on Goody Feed and is written in collaboration with Todo Todo Skills Marketplace