5 ways to know whether a woman is fat or pregnant so that you won’t erroneously give up your seat


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:31 am

Have you even came across a situation when the person standing in front of you has a HUGE belly, but you don’t know if she’s just plus-sized, or she’s actually pregnant? You face the moral dilemma of giving up your seat on the bus, or MRT to her, and you’re afraid she’ll get offended if she’s not pregnant, damn it.

Well, don’t worry, here are some tips to help you tell the difference!

Her belly button
Most women transform from “innies” to “outies” (which refers to the type of belly button) during pregnancy. This occurs when their expanding uterus puts pressure on the abdomen, pushing their belly button outward. (For women, don’t worry, your belly button will go back to normal).

Therefore, in order to tell the difference between pregnant or just fat, check out if her belly button pops out. It’ll be obvious if the lady is wearing a tight shirt.

Her age
Yes, some older women, for example, 40 years old and above, may continue to have babies but they’re not a common sight. When deciding is she’s fat, or just pregnant, guesstimate her age. There are several hints to a woman’s age, though she would hide it well, such as white hair and wrinkles. Watch out, the next time you give up your seat to a plump middle-aged lady, she might get offended.

Maternity wear is a very distinctive form of fashion. They are supposed to be comfortable, loose, and hangs loosely from the belly. They are designed to be comfortable, and are hardly trendy or fashionable (unless, you’re a trendy mother), so one sure-fire way to distinguish between a pregnant lady and a fat lady is to see what she’s wearing – maternity wear? Give up your damn seat!

Shoes are a dead giveaway if you’re finding out if a lady is pregnant or just fat. Pregnant ladies commonly avoid heels because they actually increase the chances of her falling, resulting in a miscarriage. With less balance, more strain is placed on the body. Pregnant ladies will opt for safer shoes like padded flats or even sport shoes, whereas plus-sized women can dress up any way they want.

Inflated ankles
If the lady in question has ankles the size of an elephant’s legs, that’s a sure sign of pregnancy. This condition is called Edema, where bodily fluids increase in pregnant ladies due to the fact that the body has to work for 2 people. This water accumulates in the tissues, resulting in water retention. Therefore, if you see any ladies lumbering about with their swollen ankles, make sure you give them your seat.

Top Image: extremechan / Shutterstock.com