5 Words That You Can Write with Your School Calculator Except ‘HELLO’


Last Updated on 2022-10-26 , 5:41 pm

For those secondary school kids who are stuck in elementary maths class, have you ever wondered what numbers you can type in your calculator such that they make words? For bo-liao people, making up words on the calculator definitely did make maths lesson fun.

You can boast your creativity to your table partner if they are as bored as you during maths class. For those who haven’t tried, you might just want to pick up your calculator, and start typing away!

Here are 5 words other than the boring “hello” that everyone knows how to key in in the calculator.

Fun fact: Calculator spelling is known as ‘beghilos’ because most words have to use those letters.


For those secondary school kids who are on raging hormones, one way to see some boobies is type those words out. To key in boobies, key in 5 3 1 8 0 0 8 in your calculator, and turn your calculator upside down!


Yes, we all know how absolutely delightful maths class can be. To express the state you’re in, key in 3 7 0 4 7 7 3 4… you’ll get “hellhole” when you turn your calculator upside down. How apt to describe maths class.


Ah, the simplest one to key in but also the most relevant word to the internet language of today. LOL expresses the emotion of “laughing out loud”, and is the most used internet lingo of today. This is one is pretty easy to key in, just input 7 0 7 and turn your calculator upside down.



Perhaps your maths teacher really suck and you want to show how lousy he or she is to your friend. Key in 3 1 0 4 5 5 8 to get Asshole when you turn your calculator around. Show it to your friend on the pretext of showing him how to solve a maths problem infront of your lousy maths teacher. Or even better, show it to your teacher but try not to laugh, alright?


If someone’s pissing you off, why not ask him to go2hell in the geeky way through ‘beghilos’, the calculator language? Go2Hell can be keyed in by typing in 1 1 3 4 2 0 9, and shown upside down.

Here’s a test: If your friend is being a complete 3 1 0 4 5 5 8, should you ask him or her to 1 1 3 4 2 0 9.

Top Image: kos1976 / Shutterstock.com