500 Staff Affected By DFS Closure Offered Other Employment Opportunities

Just yesterday, it was announced that DFS at Changi Airport will close down their alcohol and liquor stores by June 2020, much to the horror of alcohol and tobacco lovers.

A moment of silence for our fallen brothers.

I mean come on, that was one of the perks of flying – tax-free alcohol and tobacco, amirite?

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So what was the reason for the closure?

Lack Of Financial Viability

Financial viability. Or lack thereof.

This is due to the changes in government regulations regarding liquor and tobacco that would cause a drop in sales.

One of them is having a standardised packaging for all tobacco products and to have larger graphic warning images on the packaging. Another is the drop in alcohol purchase limit from 3 litres to 2 litres.

Not forgetting, the reduction in the amount of GST relief.

Don’t worry, DFS will continue with operations at T Galleria, Singapore Cruise Centre and their luxury store at Changi Airport.

They also have plans to digitise their business and go online while maintaining their remaining physical stores.

New Operator Will Take Over

Also, there’ll be a new operator for liquor and tobacco products – Lotte Duty Free and The Shilla Duty Free of South Korea.

Don’t get your hopes up though, I doubt Blackpink or BTS will be making an appearance there.

German operator, Gerb Heinemann will also join the party.

500 Staff Affected Offered Other Employment

Wait, so what’ll happen to the 500 staff working at DFS?

Some reports have stated that its current employees might lose their jobs when the lease expires in June next year.

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The actual answer? Don’t worry, they won’t be cast out onto the streets or left in the lurch.

According to TODAYonline, a DFS spokesman has clarified that they will be offered “a number of options,” which include working for the new operator or being redeployed to other DFS outlets in Singapore.

This will mean that they could be redeployed to DFS’ other stores, like the T Galleria or Singapore Cruise Centre.

Phew, at least that’s good news amidst all these changes.


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