Man Claimed to Raise Over $50K for British Man Who Was Charged for Not Wearing Mask But It Could’ve Been Fake


Remember the British man who adamantly refused to wear a mask on the MRT and then proceeded to wear one incorrectly (and highly reluctantly) when he appeared in court

Apparently, $50,000 has allegedly been raised to pay for his legal fees

There’s just one little thing: the legitimacy of this supposed fundraising seems rather shaky, with the British man himself coming out to say that the claims made by the fundraiser are false. 

Here’s what happened. 

Man Claimed to Raise Over $50K for British Man Who Was Charged for Not Wearing Mask But It Could’ve Been Fake

Benjamin Glynn, 39, was filmed not wearing a mask while onboard a train on the East-West Line on 7 May. 

According to the Singapore Police Force, Glynn had threatened to knock police officers down when they went to his location of residence on 9 May. 

He had allegedly used expletives on the officers, saying, “I’m gonna f***ing drop you”, while assuming a boxing stance. 

He was then charged in court on 2 July for not wearing a mask without reasonable excuse, being a public nuisance and using threatening words on a public servant. 

Glynn had also told Daily Mail before he was charged that Singapore should let him go since he wishes to leave the country. 

Now, an image of a Facebook post about an alleged fundraising effort for his legal fees is circulating on social media. 

A social media user who used the name Jonathan Pollock asserted that Benjamin Glynn “is currently stuck in Singapore under an oppressive legal regime”. 


However, it’s an image of a screenshot that has gone viral, and not a post itself.

Image: Facebook

The post stated that Glynn’s family would like to thank those who had contributed towards raising the funds for Glynn’s legal fees, and that it would “go a long way in helping Ben who was previously locked up for 2 days for simply not wearing his mask.”

The post alleged that Glynn had been “arrested unfairly and violently by the Singapore police”, and that Singaporeans are “hell bent on starting a witch hunt against Ben for exercising his human right of freedom of movement without a mask”. 

In addition, the post mentioned that people have been “hurling insults and threats against him and he fears to go out in the public for the possibility that he might be assaulted.”

Jonathan Pollock even said that he has reached out to the Foreign Office for assistance. 

And now for the plot twist: a Twitter post, supposedly from Glynn himself, claimed that the post made by “Jonathan Pollock” was a “hoax”. 

Glynn vehemently rejected the claims made by the social media user, saying that “he is full of sh*t” and that he had refused all offers of crowdfunding and donations. 

He criticised the post as “made up nonsense”, saying that he has had “no issues whatsoever with anyone” and that he does not know this “Jonathan Pollock”.

Featured Image: Facebook