53 ‘Influencers’ Come Together to Do a MV for National Day ‘Coz S’pore 53 Years Old

Image: Facebook (Get Juiced)

Today’s National Day.

Which means if you try to take a Grab, you’ll see a Singapore flag above the car in your app.

It also means that whenever you go, you’ll hear songs like this…

…or like this…

But I’m pretty sure you weren’t expecting what you’re about to hear next.

A Club Just got 53 Influencers to Star in a MV About National Day

I bet when you read the headline, you know where this is heading.

I mean, if we’ve got influencers like JianHao Tan, NOC, Wah! Banana, Dee Kosh or Preetipls, it’d have been perfect. But hey, all these are content creators; also, I’ve never come across them positioning themselves as influencers since their contents are really LIT.

So it’s the other kind of influencers, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’ll go viral.

Here, take a look.

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The video has so far garnered well over 55K views, 344 comments and 580 Shares. In today’s context when Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform (i.e. organic reach is as dead as Uber, RIP), that is not just a good result: It’s one heck of a result.

While the lip-sync-ing sounds like a pirated movie you’ve downloaded in the past, you can’t deny it that the music is rather catchy and the MV is done very professionally.

Until you read the comments.

Even Dee Kosh is there to give his feedback.

What’s Get Juiced?

Heard of them before? Me neither, but this video, despite the burns, has made everyone curious about the establishment.

It’s apparently Singapore’s first cashless bar and live music club. At 8,000 sq/ft, that’s the size of about six HDB flats (5-room), comprising a hip hop club, a chill lounge and a club that plays Electronic Party Bootlegs and Anthems.

However, what’s interesting about this club is that it’s going the high-tech route: they have an app to do everything, and a look at their app for Google Play Store shows a download of 5,000+, which means it’s downloaded between 5,000 to 10,000 times: a relative good number for a local app.

Also, it has a rating of 4.4: we’re in the app business as well, so we know exactly how difficult it is to achieve that number.

So, kudos to them, even if the MV is cringy.

Response to Feedback is Professional as Well

In this day and age when businesses are started by strawberries who can’t take a slight hit, you’ve got to applaud their response to all the negative feedback.

Lest you can’t read, here’s their response:

Hey Charles! Sorry to hear that you feel that our video is an inaccurate representation of National Day. We completely understand that you may feel that way and misunderstand our intentions. However the point of our music video is not meant to resemble national day songs or act as a promotional video for the Singapore Tourism Board (They’re already doing a great job promoting Singapore!). Home is where you perceive it to be and we understand that it is a very personal interpretation. Through the video we tried to show our favourite parts of Singapore, such as the iconic Marina Bay skyline, and the beach, as well as the bustling nightlife to which all of us at Get Juiced hold dear to our heart, since it reminds us of home. This video is meant to be a video in celebration of Singapore’s 53 years of independence. Hope you enjoy the music though! 🙂

You know what? I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is a big win.

I mean, it is, right? Now you know that Get Juiced isn’t a fruit juice stall.