5566 Coming to S’pore for a Concert This Year, Though It Should Be 3366 Instead


If you’re young like BuffLord95, then 5566 might just be another 4D number for you.

But for an old man like me, 5566 was all about basketball, Angela Chang and I’m Sad (我难过).

Back in the days when Taiwanese boybands ruled the entertainment industry, even the most manly guys would go gaga over groups like F4, 183 Club and 5566. They were the pioneer influencers that we followed religiously.

For some reason, as time went by, we grew up and those boybands were kicked aside by Korean boybands. Guys like me went NS and realised the world wasn’t a bed of roses and girls (who are now aunties) ditched their boyband posters for LV bags.

Those boybands disappeared from TV, but they remained in our heart.

And let’s just say that in 2019, nostalgia is making a comeback.

5566 Coming Back…?

Lest you’re not aware, 5566 actually refers to something: the “5” refers to the number of members in the group, and the “6” refers to the six entertainment fields they were in: singing, acting, hosting, modelling, commercials and dancing.

They rose to popularity with My MVP Valentine, the idol drama about basketball that everyone who’s born before the 90s would have watched before.

While it looked like they’ve had it easy, nothing could be further from the truth: all of them were struggling in the entertainment industry prior to My MVP Valentine. In fact, Zax Wang was going to start a handphone shop (handphone, not smartphone, because it was all about 3310 then) before he became part of 5566.

The drama was so successful that another idol drama was released: Westside Story in 2003.

It was well-received as well, but one member, Rio Peng (yes, the not-so-popular one) left to form his own company and boyband which didn’t star him as a member. In other words, he became BTS (behind the scene). Geddit?

The other four members, who still called themselves 5566 instead of 4466, continued with their success until 2005, when this drama came out and…flopped.

That was when I had to prepare for NS soon, and when 5566 started to lose their grip in the entertainment industry.

That was also when the members kind of went their separate way, starring in their own dramas and occasionally coming in together, yet never formally “disbanding”.

And now, this “coming in together” is landing in our shore, though it’s not going to be 5566, but..

3366 Coming Back

Yeah, only three members are coming.


In fact, if you’re like me, you’d only recognize these three members who’re coming: Tony Sun, the leader who looks like BuffLord95, Zax Wang, the guy who’s always on a diet to lose weight and Jason Hsu, the guy who would hit his head if he walks into an MRT train.

It’s still unknown when they’ll be coming, but for fanboys fanuncles like me who grew up with them, I guess the time, date and cost don’t matter: we’ll pay dearly and take ten days leave just to go back to the early 2000s, when our hairstyles were completely influenced by them.

In the meantime, just come to our app daily lah; once we’ve more details, we’ll update it here.

And if you’re one young fellow who’s read this article in its entirety and doesn’t understand what the hype is all about, here’s one sentence for you: We 90 boys used to have long hair because of them.