6 Best Transportation You Should Take For Pokemon Go Fanatics

If you are also a part of the whole Pokemon Go affair, you will know that there are some spots in Singapore that have some rare ones which require you to make a considerable trip to. While those with a car can easily gain access to these areas, some of the not so lucky ones may have to either take the public transport or walk there.

And in our current sweltering heat, you may not really like doing so. Here are 6 of the best transportation services to take to go catch yourself some Pokemon.

1. Mini bus service by GTS Express

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Introduced just recently, this bus service takes Pokemon Go players along a 10-minute route in Hougang lined with more than 20 Poke stops three times in a 13-seater minibus. The service starts and ends at Block 401 Hougang Avenue 10 which is reportedly a hotspot for rare Pokemon. A ride costs each rider $4 and comes with a bottle of water.

2. Pokemon Go drivers service by ServisHero

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Apparently this is a mobile app to look for cleaners and plumbers in Singapore but now it has jumped onto the transportation bandwagon to make it easier for Pokemon Go fanatics to catch Pokemon in the cool comfort of a vehicle.

It cost between $25 to $40 per hour for a car with a driver and patrons can use the service for up to two hours.

It seems that response has been encouraging although one of the drivers, Mr David Loh, mentioned that due to sudden requests to stop or slow down, it may be a little dangerous especially when they are along an expressway.

3. Limousine services by Limo Sixty9

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Private car driver, Mr Sng, is offering his services for eight to 12 hours for Pokemon catchers, depending on how long they require his services for on Limo Sixty9’s Facebook page. So far no one has taken up his offer yet but he is positive about the situation and believes that in time, there will definitely be a request.

4. Grabcar


Some Grab car drivers are also cashing in on the situation and charging up to $350 a day to drive the players around to catch the little creatures.

The cost includes ERP and parking charges. It may sound expensive but if you divide the cost by four passengers, it only amounts to a very affordable $80+ for an entire day.

5. Car rental by Wagon Mate

If you have a licence, you can even rent a car from Wagon Mate who is extending a 10% discount from 8 August 2016 to 15 August 2016 to those who can prove they have downloaded the game. After that, prices for the rental of car starts from $48 onwards.

6. Private C

Photo: http://www.directasia.com/

Many private car owners are also offering to drive Pokemon fanatics around the island for a small fee. Some are spreading news of their services by word of mouth while others are doing it via social media. A word of caution though. Always make sure that your driver isn’t playing the game while he or she is driving.

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com