6 brutally honest reasons why you should marry before 25

Last Updated on 2017-04-25 , 11:22 am

People are getting married later in life–a trend that is not only common in Singapore but also other developed countries. The usual reasons range from “my career isn’t stable yet” to “I don’t have the money to get married” and “I’m still finding out what I want in life”. We’re here today to convince you why getting married sooner rather than later is beneficial for you.

You’ll look your best
Youth will be on your side and show in your wedding photos. Wrinkles and saggy skin won’t be on your list of things to worry about.

Image: societybride.com
Image: societybride.com

More motivated and focused in life
With the start of a new life journery, there will be new goals that you’ll want to achieve together as a couple. Examples of these goals may be buying a house, starting a family or simply helping each other to become the best version of themselves. You’ll realise that life isn’t just about yourself anymore and that you have even more things to look forward to.

Better sex life
Living a single life may mean that you have more partners, but that does not necessary equate to quality sex. You’ll have more energy for sex and also be more game for it to try something adventurous. There may also be lesser commitments when you’re younger, which puts you in a stress-free mood for some steamy bedroom time.

Higher fertility
What goes hand-in-hand with sex? Babies, duh. Medical researches have shown that the fertility rate of women tend to drop around the age of 27. After 35 years old, it decreases even more rapidly. Being pregnant at an older age also subjects the body to higher stress which increases the chance of pregnancy complications. It may also cost you more if you opt for fertility treatments such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

More energy to balance career and family
Chasing kids around the house is an easier feat when you’re younger. You’ll have more energy to perform well at work and also spend time with your family. This will lay a solid foundation for you as you get older.

Image: livescience.com
Image: livescience.com

You’ll ‘grow up’ together
When you’re younger at say 21, you don’t always know what you want in life. You have no idea what type of job you want or how to apply for a HDB housing loan. Through all the unknowns and uncertainties, you’ll have your partner with you to figure things out and make decisions together. ‘Growing up’ together in this way can be fun!

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