6 Hilarious things you’ll see when you join a marathon in Singapore

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:27 pm

Marathons and runs are still an “in” thing here in Singapore. From the more “serious” runs to the “fun” ones, we witness an assortment of hilarious incidents which actually keeps us going, when we feel a bit empty in the tank. Here are some of them.

The costumes.
Some people really do dress up for the occasion. Superman capes, leotards, clone troopers, chickens … you’ve probably seen a few and also wondered “how do they even run in that”, especially if their costume isn’t Singapore-weather-friendly. Some runners also like to wear those kind of shirts which have “Ha, you’re behind me” sort of prints at the back. Sigh.

People who stop to take selfies every few kilometres.
Once is hilarious, twice is fun. However, taking your 39th selfie at the 39km mark is NOT. Especially for the more “serious” runs and marathons, you will find yourself blocking (an angry and tired group of) people and slowing them down. Uh-oh.

Some people join marathons to break their time barriers. Others break more physical barriers during marathons. Though many measures are in place to ensure fairness, there have been many incidents of people who remove certain barricades to take a short cut to the finish line. It’s hilarious, because I mean, you join marathons to run, right? (and get a nice T-shirt, but still). On another level, it’s just plain dishonest. Tsk.

#BreakingBarriers, the Necessary edition.
During a 10K run I went for (sorry, I have yet to reach marathon level), my poor friend removed a barricade because she *had to go*, if you get my drift. Off she ran into the nearby MRT station to relieve herself. But don’t worry, she’s very honest… She joined back the run at the same spot where she left, and continued running.

People who wear StanChart Marathon singlets to the Sundown Marathon.
Just… why?

Dramatic baptisms.
Most runners take a cup of isotonic drink and just finish it, before tossing it at the side. However, some runners grab a cup, take a sip, before pouring it all over their heads *very dramatically*, to the amusement of onlookers.

Do you have any other similar experiences?