6 Makan Places in Bukit Panjang That Are So Delicious, People Walk There Even if LRT Breaks Down (Ke Kou Mian!)


Last Updated on 2020-02-18 , 2:12 pm

Reader: Did someone say Ke Kou Mian? GIVE ME THE DEETS.

I will, dear reader, just be patient.

While Bukit Panjang is a really nice place to stay at (I stay in Bukit Panjang and you can’t convince me otherwise), there really isn’t a whole lot in the way of good food.

When I first started writing for Goody Feed, my very first article was one about the common misconceptions regarding Bukit Panjang. Now, although I am able to convince others that Bukit Panjang isn’t somewhere across the causeway, trying to portray Bukit Panjang as a place filled with good food is tough.

Really tough.

So, I am not even going to try.

No, really. I’m just gonna name a few locations in Bukit Panjang with good food and perhaps fill in the rest of the list with fillers (Or at least, places with food I think is pretty nice).

You have been warned.

(Oh and, these are just my opinion. Feel free to mention what you think is nice in the comments section)

1) Zheng Wei Duck Noodles

All the way at the other end of Bukit Panjang is another delicacy not to be missed. Yes, I’m referring to the duck noodles stall at Bangkit, the marketplace with a total of 5 coffee shops (Bukit Panjang Hawker Center included).

Image: straitstimes.com

There’s just something about the gravy used in the noodles. It goes really well with the duck and boy, just writing about it is making my mouth water.

I would suggest trying their duck meat bee hoon. That way, you can let the bee hoon absorb the sauce before digging in. Trust me when I say it’s an experience you would not be forgetting anytime soon.

As the bee hoon makes its way down your throat, you will find yourself scooping up another spoonful for yet another mouthful.

Address: 259 Bangkit Rd, Singapore 679970 FUYUAN CANSHI


Reader: How can the first item not be Ke Kou Mian? BLASPHEMY!

Uh… moving on.

2) Million Fishball Noodles

Right beside FUYUAN CANSHI is Kim San Leng, a coffee shop chain we’re all too familiar with. While some may be sceptical about the food being offered in a coffee shop chain(Ahem, we all know which chain I’m talking about), you don’t need to worry Kim San Leng as homogeneity has yet to ruin their food.

That being said, may I bring your attention to Million Fishball Noodle, a food stall with pretty darn good fishball noodles if I do say so myself.

Image: Google maps

Just so you know, the stall is named “Million Fishball Noodle” because the owner apparently sold a million fishballs in a year. And hey, they even have a printout of a newspaper article at the stall to back up their claim.

I could understand why people like the fishballs there. For starters, their fishballs are bigger than what you would normally get from a conventional fishball noodles stall. Secondly, the fishballs are firm, chewy and could very well pass for a ping-pong ball!

And did I mention that the stall is opened 24 hours a day? Heck, I’m definitely growing fatter if I stay in Bangkit.

Address: 259 Bukit Panjang Road S671259

Reader: Okay but what about Ke Kou Mian?



3) Char-Grill Bar

Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re gonna say. Yes, I know it’s a franchise. Reviewing a franchise is kinda like reviewing a Mcdonald’s, right?

However, I beg to differ. Times like these, it’s really about the skills of the person behind the pots and pans. If the cook is skilful enough to make his chicken chop taste better than another cook’s chicken chop using only the same ingredients and gravy, I don’t see why I shouldn’t mention the stall.

Like this Char-Grill Bar in Bukit Panjang.

Image: chargrillbar.com.sg

In my opinion, it’s better than some others I’ve tried (not gonna mention where lest I get lynched by y’all). Kudos to the cook!

Oh and, I came to this conclusion after trying their Char-Grilled chicken at 5 different locations. But don’t take my word for it—come try it for yourself and you’ll see!

Address: 259 Bukit Panjang Road S671259

Reader: *chants* Ke Kou Mian… Ke Kou Mian… KE KOU MIAN!

We really need some new readers.

4. Saigon Food Street

The newly built Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre is the latest addition to the coffee shops of Bangkit area.

One of the most interesting stalls there is definitely the Saigon Food Street. And well, in case you have no idea, Saigon is the original name for Ho Chi Minh City. Most of my Vietnamese friends still prefer the name Saigon though.


So anyway, we’re talking about a Vietnamese food stall in a hawker centre! Before the appearance of this stall, a typical bowl of Pho in Singapore would probably set me back $12 or so.

However, ever since I found out about this stall— I never once looked back(Sayonara, overpriced Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore!).

I mean, take a look for yourselves.

$2.50 for a bowl of pho. And there’s no GST and service charge. In other words, I could very well buy 5 bowls of pho using the same amount of money I’ll otherwise be paying at a restaurant!

Oh, and it’s not some kinda cheap ripoff either. The stall is managed by Mr Steven Kok and his wife, Madam Tran Thi Giau (Yes, she is Vietnamese). And well, I honestly think the food they serve is way nicer than those I’ve had at the local Vietnamese restaurants.

Address: 2 Bukit Panjang Ring Road, 679947

Reader: So, about that about Ke Kou Mian…

You really have a problem. You know you can just scroll down right?

Reader: I like to work for my rewards.

That doesn’t even make any sense.

5. Handmade Mian Fen Guo

Up until last year, I had no idea which coffee shop this stall belonged to.

This stall is sitting on the line dividing FUYUAN CANSHI and Kim San Leng. Kinda like if you own a shop along the Singapore-Malaysia causeway and half your shop is on the Malaysian side.

Reader: Is it time for Ke Kou Mian yet?


Anyway, back on topic. Despite looking like they don’t belong anywhere, the stall’s been cooking up pretty good Mee Hoon Kueh for as long as I can remember.

Despite having a reputation for shouting at people, I’ve never actually been scolded by the stall owner before. In fact, he has always been pretty nice to me. Maybe because I’m an adorable fat boi.

Oh and, the uncle’s homemade chilli is apparently really good.

So good that you have to pay extra for a saucer of chilli! I’ve never had the chilli before since I prefer keeping my Mee Hoon Kueh in pristine condition. But hey, do give it a shot and lemme know how it is!

6. Ke Kou Mian (163 Hai Xian Zhu Zhou)

Welp, this is not the first time nor will it be the last time I’m gonna mention the famous Ke Kou Mian of Bukit Panjang. Staying just 5 minutes away from Block 163, I indulge in this delicacy on a regular basis.

The Chilli Ke Kou Mian is simply superb. The soup is fragrant and spicy, and every mouthful of soup you drink will only make you crave for even more. Have it just once, and you’ll probably be craving for it again in a few days’ time.

It’ll eventually become a vicious cycle you’re doomed to repeat at least once a week. Somehow, drugs are illegal but Ke Kou Mian isn’t. And boy, am I glad it isn’t.

Ke Kou Mian

If the world were to end tomorrow, the chilli Ke Kou Mian is definitely one of the last things I would wish to eat before I go.


Address: 163A Gangsa Road #01-01 Singapore 671163