6 most common relationship problems and how to solve them fast


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:33 am

Ah relationships! Love is in the air and everyone is happy and blissfully unaware of everything else that happens around them. And then suddenly, you find yourself falling seemingly out of love and wanting out. What is happening? What went wrong? Is there any way to go back to the days where you guys were happy? Sure. But first, do yourselves a favour and run through what has seemed to killed off the fire. Do they belong to any of the points mentioned below? If so, it’s time get back on your feet and start reigniting the flames of your relationship once again by throwing out lousy habits.

How is a relationship going to work when one party doesn’t, or cannot, trust the   other? It’s just not possible. If you and partner identify this as the core issue of your waning union, ask yourselves if there was something you did that caused this to fester. And then make amends.

When a relationship comes to a certain point, there are chances that both of you, or one of you, will take it for granted. That’s when feelings of being pushed aside will manifest. If this is the case, take your partner out for a good meal, talk about how the both of you can improve your relationship by paying more attention to each other’s needs and figure out a goal to work towards to together.

Dishonesty usually brings about distrust and then a high possibility of an end to the relationship. If either one of you have been dishonest about anything at all, it’s time to fess up! It doesn’t matter if it’s a big deal or a small one, a dishonesty is still a dishonesty. And trust me, confessing and admitting you have made a mistake goes a long long way to making a love work.

Lack of communication
“We don’t talk anymore”. Sounds familiar? Then it’s high time for you to do something about it. Many couples think that it’s okay to not talk to each other and that it’s just a waste of time talking about little casual things when there are “more important things to deal with”. You know how when you have small talk with your best friends over dinner and that makes your friendship even deeper? It’s exactly the same theory. If you are faced with this issue, find a nice quiet spot where you and your loved one can have some privacy to talk to each other about anything and everything under the sun. You will realise how much good that can do for the both of you.

Lack of affection
You don’t have to keep telling each other the three little words. It just gets diluted and meaningless after awhile. But the occasional hugs, back rubs, kisses and touches can do a great deal in bringing the both of you ever closer and feeling more involved in each other’s lives. And you don’t have to be a romantic person to do this too.


Spending too much away from each other
A lot of couples think that when they reach a stable level in their relationship, it’s okay to spend long sessions away from each other. WRONG! Wherever you may be in your union, it’s not advisable to be away from each for too long. When we do that, our lifestyles move away from each other, we start to live our own lives to fill the void and in some cases, it might even end up in a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. So if it’s possible, try to spend a reasonable amount of time physically with your partner. Use the time to connect with each other and get involved in each other’s lives. Don’t regret it before it’s too late.

Now go out there and make your relationship even stronger than it ever was before! Good luck!

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