6 Productive steps to spend your 6 hours at home after work


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:11 am

Assuming you work for 9 hours and travel for 1 hour, you’ll have 14 hours of a day left. You’ll need 8 hours of sleep so that gives you 6 hours of free time left. 6 hours may seem little, but you can make so much out of it. No more surfing the net or watching videos for the entire 6 hours because your life won’t turn around just because you watched a funny video.

Here’s 6 productive steps to spend your time wisely–and don’t quote “tired” for discounts because you’ll regret what you didn’t do now in the future!

Spend 2 hours of quality time with your family
Yea, this is considered little but on the other hand, as a realistic Singaporean, we don’t get the luxury of spending much quality time with family and friends. Eat your dinner with your family, spend some time talking and communicating, ask them about their day and watch an episode of TV with them. This will be the best two hours of your day. Trust us.

Spend 1 hour on things you like
You’ll need to have fun, relax or do something you’re passionate about. You are probably going to feel that life is pretty boring and meaningless if you don’t find something you like to do. Cycle in the park, walk your dog, gather recipes for cooking over the weekends, watch a documentary; there are many things you can do depending on where your interest lies in.

Take 1 hour to learn something new
Take a break from just learning what you do at work. Start learning something you like or think will be useful in the future. Do not just sit around and waste your life away. Who knows, you might gain an incredible opportunity at work because of a skill you develop as a hobby?

Learn a foreign language, how to use a camera; maybe brush up on your tech. knowledge or even learn how to cook for your girlfriend. With the internet, YouTube and Google, information is easily accessible to us. Now just trial and error till you get to something you like.

As a bonus, developing new skills also helps us to stay quick on the uptake and self-taught skills show our employers our determination to excel.

Spend 1 hour to do some chores
If you need to do chores, this is for you. Aim to complete your laundry within 1 hour, or clean your room. You may not need to do these daily, so play around with your schedule.

Read or exercise for 30 minutes
Take half an hour to read before bed or go exercising. You can alternate both reading and exercising to fit your need for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Spend 30mins cleaning and grooming yourself
Of course, let’s not forget you’ll have to shower or indulge yourself in your luxurious bathtub. Spend the remaining time to groom yourself, fix your nails or shave your goatee.

After all of these activities in the 6 hours, you’ll be able to sleep easily for 8 hours and wake up refreshed and ready for the coming day!

Top Image: TippaPatt / Shutterstock.com