6 Reasons Why Minimalism Will Make You Happier In Life

At some point in our life, we’ve probably heard this sentence:

“Less is more.”

Depending on who you ask, some might nod in agreement at this statement.

The idea that chasing materialism will only lead to a never-ending cycle of wanting more resonates all too well in the modern world.

Which is why some choose to take up ‘minimalism’.

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Wanting only what is necessary and not going for the excess are some of the things that minimalists live by.

And in this rat race of a world, maybe they do have a reason for choosing such a lifestyle!

Let us take a look today how minimalism can perhaps make your life happier.

More Spacious

This one might be the most obvious visual change.

Imagine you buy, let’s say, 70% of the items you come across while shopping.

I can assure you the majority of these items that aren’t clothes become either white elephants or get tossed aside.

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Next thing you know, your room is jam-packed full of useless things and your storeroom is bursting.

Cutting down on material things helps to physically declutter your living space not only physically but it’d even help you feel a little less cramped too.

You really don’t need another handbag or three nightgowns.

Snowball Effect: Easy Housekeeping

One positive change will then make way for other positive things.

With all the excess stuff out of the way and out of your life, what does this mean?

Less things to clean and physically take care of.

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Chores are going to be way easier.

Especially without the need to dust off so many trinkets and excess items lying around your place.

Planning for guests coming over has never been easier.

Saving Money

You’re probably getting the gist of it now.

Minimalism encourages you to embrace the things that are most important to you and this reflects in how you spend those dollar bills.

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Imagine how much money certain friends of mine could save from not buying a new shirt every time we hangout.

Remember, spending money on yourself isn’t a bad thing.

Keeping it to the things you need rather than the things you want and may not ever use again is another thing.

Low-key guilt-tripping myself to not get another game even if I’ve just finished one last week…

Fewer Things, Less Stress

This sounds kind of weird at first.


After all who wouldn’t be satisfied at the thought of having more things?

According to this study, the opposite may actually be true!

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The study basically showed that a high level of stress hormones is directly linked to a higher density of household items.

It even shows that families who constantly need to declutter are emotionally paralyzed due to unnecessary sentimentality or the feeling that an item may have extra worth.

Basically, hoarding leads to stress.


Improving Yourself

Nice! So, you’ve managed to save even more money now, your daily routine is looking up, and you’re starting to free up more time.

What’s next?

With the whole stress of constantly going about maintaining stuff relieved, you can actually take time to discover yourself.

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You know that country you always wanted to travel to? Now you have a chance to go there and explore its wonders.

That skill or instrument you never seemed to have the time to learn? Give it a go and see what comes from it!

Minimalism allows you more freedom for you to spend on experiences, not just items.

Sharing With Others

You know what’s even better than discovering a blessing for yourself?

Sharing that blessing with others.

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Maybe you know of friends who are struggling with an overly-materialistic lifestyle and are always immensely stressed out.

You could be the person to change that.

Use your minimalism experiences to show others how it can make an impact on their lives. In turn, they might even do the same to others as well!

Just remember, not everyone may want to change or commit. Let them and even yourself take the time to adapt to it!

At the end of the day, a lifestyle is a choice, not something you can force on someone.


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